Louis Janelle Dance Everybody

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Born in Terrebonne Quebec, Louis Janelle’s musical beginnings were rather peculiar! For instance, at eight years old, he started on a drum set that he put together using old ice cream cans, cardboard boxes and pie plates. He also built his first electric guitar from a discarded entrance stair! And it kept on. He received his first real electric guitar at 10, a gift from his sister. He played it for almost 4 years with HIS tuning, as musical knowledge was lacking at the time! Indeed, Louis Janelle is one of those self-thaught people who persevered to major levels of skill in their art.In the course of his career, he has worked with more than 10 of the best known Blues groups. Since 10 years now, he is working on his solo projects , one of which was nominated for «Album of the Year» at the 2006 Lys Blues Awards.

He started with, among others, Mojo Blues (and Kevin-Mark), with Pat Loiselle & the Kitchen Shakers and with Steph Gagnon Blues Gang at Cafe Campus. He then founded the Gangsters of Love Duo with Gilles Bonenfant; in that group, believe it or not, he sang, played the guitar and the drums with his feet all at the same time. The transition from The Gangsters of Love to Louis Janelle Blues Band allowed him to concentrate on the guitar and benefit from a full rhythmic section. This group was made to feel very welcome at Blues Festivals and bars of the Province. Louis Janelle Blues Band’s repertoire consists mostly of Lousiana Swamp Blues in the style of Lazy Lester, Slim Harpo, Lightnin' Slim, Guitar Gable, and others, also of Chicago Blues as played by Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Reed and others.

‘Dance Everybody’ kicks off this great CD, and if you haven’t seen the artwork cover, you would swear you were listening to an old blues artist from the past. Great guitar solos, solid drums, and just a plain fun song. ‘Best Friend Blues’ is the old style blues tune while ‘Eloi’s Blues’ is reminiscent of the ‘50’s instrumental tunes and ‘If You Feel a Little Blue’ will remind you of The Champs ‘Tequila’.

‘You Just Can’t Keep a Good Man Down’ is a great swing rhythm, showing off the versatile vocals of Janelle, ‘Hoodoo Man Hop’ is another instrumental offering with great a stand-up bass solo and bit of stolen ‘Chatanooga Choo Choo’.

‘Mind Free’ features the vocals of Miche Love, offering the nitty gritty sound that shows off the band, while ‘Mr. Groove’ has ad-libs that make you feel like you are seeing Louis Janelle live and ‘Fat Tire Beach Cruiser’ once again is an instrumental tune with choppy guitar parts that sound a little like ‘Happy, Happy Birthday Baby’ by the Weavers.  ‘I Wanna Shout’ shows off the gritty vocal of Janelle and  ‘I Wanna Get Drunk’ gets back to the rock ‘n’ roll shuffle that he does so well while ‘Out of Luck’ is the shuffle sound he seems to be known for in his songwriting.

‘I Won’t Be Satisfied’ is another Miche Love vocal offering, with a country/blues feel that really shows up great musicianship. The final track ‘And You Left Me All Alone’ once again brings you back to the blues.

Great musicianship with Louis Janelle on vocal & guitar, Eloi Berholet on Drums & Perc, Mike Reilly on Upright & Electric Bass, Tony Almonte on Congas. On track 7 & 13 feature Miche Love on vocals with Eddy Blake Eaton on Upright Bass.

And as the CD title says ‘Dance Everybody’ ! Dare you not to when you listen to Louis Janelle.

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