Melissa Etheridge A Little Bit Of Me: Live In LA

Melissa Etheridge A Little Bit Of Me Live In LA.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

Melissa Etheridge is clearly hungry these days; this is her second storming release inside the past twelve months, a follow-up to the excellent, high octane 'This Is M.E.' earlier this year and an album that simply seems to be rocket-fuelled from start to finish.

It matters not a jot that many of the same tracks crop-up both here and in her previous 'M.E.' release. Here we have them live, with a bouncing, rollicking, full-throttle performance recorded in LA before a boisterous, happily engaged crowd who are evidently having themselves one Hell of a good time.

The CD itself boats eleven tracks with a further couple added in the accompanying DVD mix to give over two hours of musical brilliance from a seasoned veteran at the very top of her game.  Etheridge always manages to pull-off that tricky sleight of hand that allows her to range from rip-roaring rockn'roll to blues-inbued heartwrench, modern country class and quality. Not many can do this at all, let alone with the ease, pace and style that she brings to the table.

'Live In LA' is Etheridge at her bountiful best. A wonderful follow-up to the equally strident beauty of 'M.E.' and an album that showcases her strength as a songwriter, a guitarist and a sure-fired singer with a strikingly grand delivery. Get this one while you can.