Billy Walton Band Wish For What You Want


Submitted by Iain Patience

The Billy Walton Band is one of those outfits with an East Coast US pedigree. From Jersey, the home of some wonderful music for sure, Walton leads his five-piece crew with some classic sounding blues-soul and a blend of hot, peppery music including that splendid soulful sound of ripping Sax and Trombone brass.

Walton himself plays a mean guitar, with tasteful licks scattered generously throughout this 12-track release. His voice is rich, robust and rolls the whole thing along with an effortless strength and fluidity. This is a well-rehearsed, road-tested band that has successfully toured extensively in UK, Europe and the USA. 'Wish For What You Want' is the band's fifth album and has a well-crafted, seamless maturity that speaks volumes about the quality of the musicianship and the professionalism and experience this band clearly represent.

This is an album that roars along at times with a swaggering rock roar that gives way to soulful horns and vibrant vocal threads. Each track slips readily into its place; powerful, pulsing, pushing forward and leading listeners by the ears towards a masterfully produced musical feast. Walton is a guy worth catching and with this offering is bound to reach higher ground sometime soon.