Indian City: Colours

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

Indian City captures the sound and color of a vibrant Indigenous culture with a flair for pop and alternative rock. Based and founded out of Winnipeg, in the heart of the Aboriginal arts district, the all star band of award-winning artists and rising stars have gained attention all across North America with their unique live fusions of lyrics, music and personality, expressing the modern conscience of today’s Indigenous people.

The CD ‘Colors’ continues to carve out the musical path that Fontaine has created for Indiana City. The title track ‘Colors’ is hauntingly beautiful, intertwining the vocals of love, with a sold backbeat tying it all into to a great track. Next up ‘Sundancer’ tells the tale of all love stories and the ‘dance’ we do trying to keep it all together ‘all you wanted was to be free, all I wanted was to be me’, trying to invite you to be the Sundancer of life.

‘Sunrise Second’ has the production value that truly is Vince Fontaine, with pulsating rhythm and mounting vocals that pay homage to the native sounds. Hypnotizing musically and full of the hidden drum passes that get you in the heart.

‘I Am Special’ brings the CD back to a rock feel, while excelling in vocal delivery. Lyrically strong, it has a strong message about someone or something being taken away from us.  Solid guitar work rounds this song out completely. ‘Dance 2’ – ft. KZO (Pakesso Mukash) is the perfect tribute to a native sound and the marriage of rock and production. Amazing.

‘Duet’ is my favourite track on the CD. Great production, strong vocals and a clean crisp sound. Clever use of the rhyming, phrasing and songwriting in the tune.‘All I Want’ starts off with just acoustic guitar and the breathy, sensual vocal that truly makes this musical offering so refreshing while the closing track ‘Siren’ has Fontaine’s trademark production skills all over it, rockin’ it up.

To date, Indian City have received multiple awards, including a Western Canadian Music Award, 2 Indian Summer Music Awards and an Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award. With their creative and engaging music, Indian City has been growing in demand in the music industry. Even in pre-release, the album “Supernation” held radio airplay, featured at multiple festivals and events, National television acts, including National Aboriginal Day Live and the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards with their high-profile performances.

Indian City came to life as the realization of an ingenious concept envisioned by producer and composer Vince Fontaine, founder of one of North America’s most thriving Indigenous music group Eagle and Hawk. The ogle for talent assembles lead vocalists Pamela Davis “The Voice”, Don Amero, Neewa Mason and William Prince, keyboardist Gerry Atwell, drummer Marty Chapman, bassist Tik Mason, and guitarist and composer Vince Fontaine.

A great production, with the Producer chair shared by Vince Fontaine and Chris Burke-Gafney, Vince Fontaine, guitar & vocals, Pamela Davis lead vocals, Neewa Mason, vocals, Atik Mason, bass guitar, Steve Broadhurts, drums & percussion, Marty Chapman, drums & percussion, Gerry Atwell, keyboards, William Prince, lead vocals & acoustic guitar, Don Amero, lead vocals & acoustic guitar, Special Guest: KZO (Pakesso Mukash)

With a flare of international appeal, Indian City is poised and ready for global heights continuing to capture the pulse of Indigenous color through the rhythm of wonderful music.  Kudos to everyone involved in this great musical offering – a must to anyone’s collection.

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