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Saskatchewan singer/songwriter Alex Runions is making his way the only way he knows how, with hard work, determination and using every bit of the talents he’s been blessed with. “I know how tough this road is but it’s the only road for me to take. I’ve heard it said it takes ten years to become an “overnight” success and I figure I’m about eight years into it. I’m going to keep doing what I do, keep my head down and move forward every day, even if it’s only a little at a time. I will get there.”  And if his latest recording is any indication, Runions just took another big step forward down that road.

His sophomore album, South of the City, was recorded at double CCMA award winning studio, MCC Recording Studio in Calgary. The album is a mix of love songs, break up songs and all of the feelings that go in between. With a number of co-writes and two songs solely written by Alex himself, this album is going to have you wrapped up in the emotion and passion that Alex always delivers.

Here is track by track description from Alex Runions himself.

Track 1: Little Bit of Sunshine written by Alex Runions/Willie Mack. “The inspiration of this song is less romantic than I would have hoped but the end result could not have been better. I was on my way to the dog park with my dog in the back, it was a beautiful, sunny day and it just popped into my head, “I got you and a little bit of sunshine”. I quickly recorded it on my phone’s voice recorder and sat down to try to come up with a melody. I reached out to Willie Mack about doing a co-write with me on this song and he and I wrote it over Skype. We just clicked and wanted to write a fun summer song about a guy and a girl loving everything they have as long as they have each other and a little bit of sunshine...I think everyone can relate to that in one way or another.

Track 2: Hooked on You  written by Alex Runions “I originally wrote this as a fast song with some “Texas grit” as I liked to call it; one part country, one part rock. My drummer of 10 years, Bryce, suggested that I should slow it down and make it sexier. I tried it out, and it was just what the song needed. It’s just about being so in love with someone, maybe someone you can’t always be with so you’re trying to find a similar vice that makes you feel the same way all the time -- but nothing compares to being hooked on that person and how they make you feel.”

Track 3: Goin’ On Tonight  written by Alex Runions/Mike Little/Chris Byrne)“This song is all about creating a feeling. It’s a summertime song about driving around, making each other feel special and relaxing -- giving you permission to know that it’s okay to do that once in a while and be a little carefree.

Alex RunionsAlex RunionsTrack 4: Passenger Seat  written by Alex Runions/Joni Delaurier “Everyone needs a song to get them through something. This song is about the loss of someone who was once there and no longer is. You can’t throw away anything that they’ve left in your vehicle, and all you want to think about are the good times with that person until the reality sinks in that they’re gone. It takes you through both the good times and remembering those moments that were special.”

Track 5: South of the City written by Alex Runions/David Leask.”This song was written about a couple who wants to get away from the city and the hustle and bustle of the lifestyle to another place that is more simple, where they fell in love and found themselves. It is a song that people can relate to, myself included as I think that place for me is my hometown. I always look up at the stars when I’m home and smell the fresh air, everything seems just a little more at peace there.”

Track 6: There She Was written by Alex Runions. “I had a period of time when I truly had writer’s block, and it was frustrating. I think what I was doing for that time was gaining some more experiences to pull from and finally I saw her out of nowhere when I wasn’t looking and “There She Was” came to be. It was like she opened the floodgates and I started writing and it was a great feeling, it was all because of her.

Track 7: Keep Coming Back to You written by Alex Runions/Dean Kush.”This song is about the struggle of trying to get away from someone or trying to get them out of your mind but you can’t and you keep coming back to the memories and the time you spent with them. It’s about this cycle we sometimes fall into when we try to get over someone we’ve had a history with. I know that in the past I have often thought about what life would be like had I chose a different path with someone else. It can be a challenge and is a feeling many of us can relate to.”

The current single, South of The City, is at radio now and the team is expecting big things from this release. “We feel strongly about this track and hope everyone agrees with us. It’s sometimes difficult to find that balance between what radio wants and what I have to offer that fits that need. I have to remain true to myself as a writer and still fit the criteria for airplay. Hopefully we’ve done that.”

As stated earlier in this article Alex has been plying his trade for close to 10 years and in that time he has racked up some serious accomplishments. He won the 2013 Big Dog 92.7 and Sask Music "Next Big Thing" contest and last year was selected for the AMA ( Americana Music Awards )  Showcase in Nashville. He has opened for Gord Bamford, Aaron Prichett and Rodney Atkins and has shared stages with Neal McCoy, Jerrord Nieman, Dallas Smith  and The Roadhammer, has performed at the Craven Country Jamboree '13 and '15 and hosted the songwriter showcase in '13, '14 and '15. He was the 2015 nominee at  the Saskatchewan Country Music Assoiciation for Male Vocalist/FanChoice Entertainer/Song of The Year for "Little Bit of Sunshine."

Alex recently was bestowed a great honour byhis hometown of Kipling, Saskatchewan of having a sreet named after him.

He just returned ffrom a successful CCMA's week in Halifax but won't be unpacking for long as the fall is booked with a heavy tour schedule. Visit Alex's website to find a location and date near you.

Alex Runions is making his way slowly and carefully but staying true to who he is. “I have a great team behind me and together we hope to make a difference and carve our own little place in the Canadian country market. Thanks to everyone for listening and giving me a chance to live my dream. If you’re ever at a show, please drop by and say hey, love to meet you.”

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