Julie C. Myers Dreams: A Classic Rock Fantasy


Submitted by Don Graham

Julie C. Myers is a talented singer/performer in her own right with a bluesy, rootsy voice and visually dynamic stage show and her solo album  “Rock On Fearless Journey”  showcases  her skills. But her uncanny resemblance to Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks makes it a natural move to offer that tribute to Stevie as a stage show. “I’ve always entertained, starting with theme parks in my hometown of Memphis and moving on to Las Vegas,”Julie said during a break from rehearsing for her upcoming tour. “I played Vegas as part of “Legends in Concert” show and had my own self -contained show ‘Nearly Nicks’ as well.”

Julie is a southern girl, born and raised in the home of the Delta Blues, Memphis Tennessee, “ best barbeque in the south at the Rendezvous.” and is currently living with her husband just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba in the Canadian prairies.

Julie C. Myers as Stevie NicksJulie C. Myers as Stevie NicksJulie is set to present a show she is very proud of. For one night only, in 13 cities throughout Canada, Julie as Stevie will be joined by the Legends Across the Pond Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart played by Johnny Moroko and Martin D. Andrew, respectively, ​for an untamed, electrifying, and unforgettable blast from the past in a musical fantasy that seamlessly blends drama and the songs that made rock ‘n’ roll great into an entertaining and turned up night of  music. The show has spot on tributes to the three masters of rock as well as many more songs that you know and love, all paired with a touching story on the love of family as well as  elaborate and stunning sets, and songs from Julie C. Myers’ first solo album “Rock On  Fearless Journey.”

The album features 13 tracks that show Julie’s powerful vocals and mixed bag of musical influences,  like the country roots found in “Broken Down Angel” and “Can’t Get My Heart Around That” to her signature blend of blues powered rock found in songs such as “ Look Out My Window (Still Rainin’)” and “Rock On”.

Dreams: A Classic Rock Fantasy is a show that intertwines the many facets of Julie’s life. Her life as the Queen of Rock Stevie Nicks, her life as the renowned and passionate singer Julie C. Myers, and her life as simply Julie. As well as an unparalleled journey of rock. Using the importance of memory as a common theme found throughout, Dreams: A Classic Rock Fantasy is a show that will get you dancing along, singing along, and have you leaving the theater with new memories to treasure.

Julie C. MyersJulie C. MyersThe show, co-written by Julie herself and Martin D. Andrew, is as much a touching tribute to her late father and the songs he loved as well as an unparalleled journey of rock. “My Dad passed away from Alzheimer’s and this show is a tribute as much to my Dad as it is to the legends we portray. The theme of the show is a dream sequence so instead of just a musical performance it’s a story that will hopefully get the audience more involved with the plot and the music will serve as a nice frame for the picture.”
Julie has a background in acting so this format is perfectly suited to showcase her talents.

“When people ask me about my feelings on the Stevie Nicks tribute I always tell them how much I respect what she has done and continues to do  and I feel blessed to have the resemblance, physically and vocally to do justice to my tribute to her. When I first started doing 'Nearly Nicks' my goal was to meet Stevie and ask her to come to a show. Now I think I would like her to want to come to my show because she’s heard good things.”

For now Julie C. Myers is happy to be the undisputed ultimate Stevie Nicks tribute artist and will continue, putting all of her skills to work along with an uncanny likeness to give the ultimate tribute show to the Queen of Rock in her physical and vocal prime.

Don’t miss this show if you’re in the area. Making dreams a reality.

For a list of the tour dates go to dreamsaclassicrockfantasy.com