Dirty Dishes And Stay Out !

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

Every now and then you get a CD on the desk for review that blows you away and Dirty Dishes new offering did just that. Refreshing vocals, great delivery, strong harmonies and great song choices. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Paying tribute to many beloved acts like classic artists like Hank Williams and Dolly Parton to more current Canadian favourites like Joel Plaskett and Fred Eaglesmith, Dirty Dishes play both covers and shiny new originals in this tasty blend of country, folk, bluegrass, roots and gospel.

The opening track ‘Midnight Fire’ sets the pace of this great CD, with bluegrass at its best and proverbial banjo, it’s hard to believe this is a Toronto band.  A great song of spousal abuse with revenge and a permanent solution, with an escape to get away from the bully of a husband.

‘Won’t Come Back’ has sultry, sexy vocals, letting it be known you won’t find another girl quite like the vocalist, while accompanied by great fiddle and sassy production.

‘Evangeline’ is a waltz tune, telling the tale of the riverboat gambler and better times, while ‘For the Last Time’ has sultry, growling vocals, driving home that there is no more last times.

The traditional tune of ‘Rocky Top’ is presented as an acappella track, showing of the strength of Dirty Dishes vocals and harmonies.

‘Where Do We Go?’ is a folksy, haunting tune, followed by another trad ‘Your Bucket’s Got a Hole In It’ that gets you tapping your foot and singing along.

‘Rainbow Road’ is a pretty song, with almost a Celtic feel to it, talking of lighting candles in windows waiting for loved ones to come home.

‘Mountain Dew’ is definitely a hee-haw moment for the ‘Dishes’, with interactive vocals and bantering, and great musicianship.

Tackling Neil Young’s ‘After the Goldrush’ is daunting but somehow Dirty Dishes made this their own, and it does the song justice.

The final track on the CD is a gospel medley of ‘Down to the River, I Saw The Light, This Little Light of Mine’ is a great way to close out this diversified CD. If you are a lover of great vocals this is the CD for your collection.

For more visit www.dirty-dishes.ca
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