Barry Stagg Still Following His Dreams

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

Barry Stagg, singer/songwriter, musician, playwright and musical entrepreneur is a solid example of what tenacity and talent can provide in this ever changing music business.

Born in Montreal, Quebec he graduated from Université de Montréal, and started on his musical path with Tony Green to become Green and Stagg. The duo were signed to Gamma Records out of Montreal under the tutelage of manager Ben Kaye. Their debut single, "To Love Means To Be Free", became an instant hit when released in February 1970. The song won theCanadian Business Music Industrywriting award.Green and Stagg rode the charts for the better part of the early '70s.

Signed to Gamma at the time , they were offered a deal with London Records which had a better reach for them on a distribution level so they made the decision to move to the ill-fated label, which went bankrupt not long after. Stagg would have success with a number of solo releases on RCA before moving to North Carolina where he currently resides with his family.

From 1989 to the present, Barry Stagg is considered a playwright-in-residence for theNosco Academy of Theatre Arts, where he writes scores, operas and stage shows. During that time over 60 musicals were written and composed, covering a wide range of themes.

Barry StaggBarry StaggIn 2002 - 2003 Stagg was commissioned to write a 16 piece musical composition with lyrics entitled “Psalms from the Ark” for the ballet company centered at The Dance Center of Spruce Pine ofNorth Carolina. In late 2004 he released “Slaughterouse of Love”.

His new home in the South has had a huge influence on his songs and releases, some focusing on the passionate stories of the Civil War and Southern history with ‘Drums Corps’, ‘Appalachian Prayer’ and his critically acclaimed ‘Private Edward Jennison’.

We caught up with relocated Canadian Barry Stagg at his home in the North Carolina. ‘I am so grateful for the life I have now. I recently bought a small venue, where every Tuesday I get to showcase new artists and play myself as well. I have a great family, great friends and a great career – it doesn’t get any better than that. We have live talent 3 nights a week, and a songwriter night on Tuesdays. The feel of this venue reminds me of when I lived in Nova Scotia and we had kitchen parties with everyone bringing instruments and chiming in.’

Tony Green and Barry StaggTony Green and Barry StaggRecording the new material at Crossroads Studios, Stagg admitted he loved the fact he had the Nashville sound and the Nashville feeling on this new recording. ‘Musically, I feel like I am more on track than I have ever been. I get to write every day, perform once a week in my club and I stay inspired creatively.’

What advice would you give new artists just starting out? ‘Follow your dream, hold on to it. The world needs dreamers to balance it out. Don’t be afraid to feel different.’

With the release of ‘The Devil Couldn’t Catch Us’ is a refreshing tune, that shows off the versatility of Barry Stagg, with clear vocals, infectious with guitars and a shuffle production that is clearly a great direction for this singer/songwriter.

It is clear that for Barry Stagg it is still all about the music – and he is still following his dreams.