Jessie Tylre Williams Giving Back

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Submitted by Don Graham

Canadian country artist Jessie Tylre Williams has an agenda, not in the negative sense, but in the best possible way. Jessie has taken her music to a new level with her National House Concert Series Benefit Galas, and is taking this HCS right across Canada shining a bright light on those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within our a Canadian Troops.

With the series endorsed and supported by organizations such as Wounded Warriors Canada, Can Praxis, The Royal Canadian Legions, Tri-service Military Veterans Association, ANAVETS, and many other local and National supporters it’s no wonder that this event is a roaring success!

Jessie Tylre WilliamsJessie Tylre WilliamsWe caught up with Jessie at her Alberta home to discuss the impact this event is having on the attendees, the benefitting organizations and herself. ” This is the most rewarding thing I ever done in my musical career. To know that in a small way we are making a difference in people’s lives is overwhelming. There is an awful lot of work that must be done to make one of these events happen but every minute of it is fulfilling and warms my heart.”

The Manitoba born, now Alberta based girl has lived a gypsy lifestyle of movement from a young age and turned to music as a way of grounding herself. She firmly believes in the power of sound and voice as healing in nature. “It feels so good to give back to those that risk their lives for our freedom every day. I feel so blessed to be able to use music as a way to connect with people and help them through their hardships with hopes that I can inspire others along the way. I’m confident that through these Benefit Gala’s we will be able to create a greater awareness, raise money for the new programs and reach out to those who suffer from PTSD. We must never stop believing. Where there is life~~there truly is hope. Music is such a powerful force and it can really heal and transform lives. We have plans to take us deep into 2016 with these events and hope we can continue to lend our voices and talents to this great cause”

And it’s fitting that on the eveof Canada’s Remembrance Day that Jessie Tylre Williams is holding the banner of help and understanding high for all to see. As her motto says
“Healing the world, one song at a time.”