Don Graham and Marshall Dane – Together Again for the First Time !

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

The country music scene has changed so much there are times you can’t tell if a song playing on the country station is truly country, but the fact remains a good song is a good song.

On November 26 that is exactly what Don Graham and Marshall Dane are going to do – play some good songs.

“ There’s a lot a great talent out there right now in the country market and I always thought it would be cool to do a show with one or two of my favourite young artists. I’ve been a Marshall Dane fan for a long time now and thought he would be a great choice to do this first one with. The night will be an up close and comfortable setting at Musideum in Toronto, one of my favourite listening venues. Marshall and I will each do a set of originals and I think it’s going to an awesome and memorable night. Can’t wait.”

Don Graham is a veteran country singer/songwriter having spent over four decades perfecting his craft. He has performed globally, picking up friends and fans around the world. Don was signed in the early days to Irving Almo Music to a writers deal by the legendary Brian Chater, resulting in him relocating from his hometown of Montreal to Toronto. Don now spends his time performing at select venues, while also travelling to showcase at places like the Nashville Palace in Tennessee, a private partyduring MIDEM in Cannes, France and appearing on the pilot for a video show produced by Dave Woods.

Marshall DaneMarshall Dane"Don Graham and Marshall Dane are both examples of the great country music talent that Ontario has to offer. Both are singer-songwriters and storytellers in both music and life. Each one not only brings the talent of music to their shows but also a great deal of humour. Their show at Musideum is a must-see. I've had the chance to interview both of these artists on my radio show and my video series which was set at Musideum. Here's hoping this is the first of many shows pairing these two talents!" - Dave Woods, host of the online radio show ‘In The Country’.

Don has co-written a moving song with Chicago-native Dylan Lloyd to be released in the new year. The song is a passionate anthem entitled ‘Stronger Together’. Don has written a song with Bill Hill and World Series champion Toronto Blue Jay Kelly Gruber called “Swing Hard In Case You Hit it” that the Austin, Texas based Gruber is recording. And to top off the year a song written by Don for a David Parker movie Onion Joe is in the works. The song “I Still Got My Dreams” will be included in the soundtrack.

Marshall Dane was born in Southern Ontario and brought up on music, with a preacher Dad who played guitar and a musical Mum who played piano.Playing his first solo gig at age fifteen for thirty-five bucks and a plate of cheesecake, Marshall tried working in a band before eventually taking fate in to his own hands in 2008, heading down to Nashville for a master-class in composing country songs. Don GrahamDon GrahamPlaying in bars and clubs as a solo singer and with a touring band has given him his fair share of stories and insights – great for writing songs. But when it comes to cooking up a tune, Marshall admits that his parents’ spiritual upbringing permeates his writing, with themes of love, home and kindness appearing throughout his songs. The first show I ever performed, I was 15. I had an acoustic guitar and a borrowed microphone and a "Y" jack that plugged both my 1/4" cable of my guitar and the 1/4" cable from the microphone;) into my Fender amp. I got paid 35 dollars and a piece of cheesecake. That art of performing solo, in the corner of a coffee house or to a late night, last call bar crowd, or as the opener for some of Canada's coolest acts, has been what set the stage for the last few years of touring with a band...taking the intimacy of a solo show and expanding it to a massive audience. Many things, however, never make it to the big stories behind the songs. The feelings I get, and I can only imagine the look in my eyes, as I go back in time to the date and place the songs were written and the passion that evoked such a memorable piece. On November 26th... I am looking forward to taking the last 5 years of being on the road, writing 2 records (almost 3 now) and opening up the vaults of my soul, to tell the stories and share the memories of the songs I've written, and maybe the audience will open up and tell me how the songs have affected them. Musideum.... is a fantastic listening room. It's a one of a kind venue where the stories and the background of the songs are what's important. For all the nights I've spent playing my tunes in clubs and dive bars and did so, even when the noise of the audience was louder than my own music, or the shows that you walk off stage and your ears are still ringing, I am looking forward, more than you can imagine, to joining my good buddy Don Graham and our friends and fans at Musideum on November 26th at 8pm in Toronto, Ontario for a night of smiles, music, laughter for sure and positive vibe building:)!

This initial pairing of singer/songwriters is something Graham would like to pursue with other artists.

“ This is something I can see doing more of in the future, there’s so much young , up and coming talent out there that needs to be heard.”

Don Graham and Marshall Dane -Together Again For the First Time !
November 26, 2015
401 Richmond Street West Suite 133
Toronto, Ontario
Doors: 7:30 pm Show: 8:00 pm
Tickets $20.00
Please reserve by email