Cold Flame: A Stitch In Time

Cold Flame A Stitch in Time.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

Cold Flame is an English band with a driving, pounding feel and a sound that is reminiscent of seventies rockers like Deep Purple and a load of others who carved a neat niche for themselves back in the day.

'A Stitch in Time' is an interesting album that has the band repeating more than a few of the fourteen tracks with slightly different reprises that mostly work pretty well. A hard thing to pull off, without becoming too repetitive, boring or jaded.

Led by bassist Pat Rowbottom, who also wrote all of the tracks here, this is a band with a sense of ambition, purpose and power at its heart. Each track opens with heavy rhythmic poise and power, drum-laden, screeching lead-guitar and solid bass and keyboards/organ work. The nod to the seventies may best be found in the use of synthesizer by clearly accomplished keys-man Joe Orban.

Cold Flame is probably an outfit best caught in live performance where their dynamic, hi-energy vibe must no doubt be spine-tingling at times. In the meantime, however, this album might just prove satisfying enough for most hard-rock lovers with its relentless, rolling rock inspired mix.