The Damned And Dirty: Hoodoo Down

The Damned and the Dirty Hoodoo Down.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

This is a fabulous album of mostly resonator-fuelled acoustic roots and blues from a duet that is fast marking out its territory at the top of the European blues-music feeding chain.
From the Netherlands, The Damned and Dirty is a couple of top-quality Dutch musicians featuring Micha Sprenger on guitar and Kevin De Harde on Harp; both share vocals and writing credits for the dozen songs that make up this excellent release.

Guitarist Sprenger is easily one of Europe's finest younger pickers and De Harde is equally talented, blowing his soulful, blues-heart out here. This pair are very fast becoming central to the European blues-scene, representing their homeland on a now annual - it seems - basis in the open blues challenge in Europe to select a band for the January, Memphis International Blues Challenge awards.

It's hard, of course, to listen to this combination of players without thinking about Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, the US masters who single-handedly made this same guitar/harp duo-format very much their own with a lasting stamp on the groove and growth of the music.  But, despite this potential burden, The Damned and Dirty succeed in stamping their own style and brand on the twelve tracks in the mix. This is a pair of musicians clearly enjoying the life, producing absolutely winning music with a confidence and ease that shines with each new offering.
'Hoodoo Down' is simply a great album. Catch this one,don't let it slip away.