The Way We Was, The Story of The Kendall Wall Band


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On December 3rd 2016 there will be a documentary screening of The Kendall Wall Band at the Lakeshore Catholic Performing Arts Centre in Port Colborne, Ontario.

The Way We Was: The Story of the Kendall Wall Band covers the 11 year career of a popular group of Canadian musicians during the 80's and early 90's. It begins at Toronto`s Black Swan Tavern where their Saturday Afternoon Blues Matinee became legendary and follows them as they develop as a band a expand their role as a backing band for many preeminent Canadian and American blues artists The last part of the film documents the remixing, editing, mastering and revitalization of the band's "almost lost" 25 year old studio recordings.

The Way We Was, the film, named after the band`s reissued recordings will be shown in it`s entirety featuring interviews with band members Gary Kendall, Teddy Leonard, Jeff Baker and Richard Smyth with their recording sidemen Martin Alex Aucoin, Larry Bodnar and Duncan McBain.

It will also feature cameo appearances by Canadian blues legends, Donnie ”Mr.Downchild” Walsh, Ken & Chris Whiteley, Harrison Kennedy, Chuck Jackson, Jerome Godboo, Danny Marks, Guitar Mikey and many others.

Highlights of the film are vintage clips of The Kendall Wall Band performing alone and with Dutch Mason, Snooky Pryor, Morgan Davis, Cash McCall, Jerry Portnoy, Diana Braithwaite, Rita Chiarelli, Mel Brown, Tony Flaim and more.

When reached for comment Gary Kendall said, "I extremely grateful that with the help of the documentary and reissued recordings, The Kendall Wall Band will have it`s well deserved place in Canadian Blues history".

Christopher Darton as well as Gary Kendall (Downchild, The Kendall Wall Band) will be in attendance and will be available for conversation at a meet and greet following the film. Admission for the evening will be five dollars ($5.00).
“Canadian Blues history, a must see for music and history fans alike”

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