Auld Man's Baccie: Resonating With The Blues

Auld Man's Baccie Resonating With The Blues.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

Auld Man's Baccie is an English acoustic blues duo with an evident love of and understanding for traditional acoustic blues music, with a ragtime background and grounding that bubbles through on most of the dozen tracks here.

Nick Phillips and Davey Curtis have only been playing together for just over a year or so but already they have an apparent, near-seamless empathy that makes their similar styles and approaches meld perfectly. 'Resonating With The Blues' is their debut release and has good support backing from a few of their blues buddies to lift the album out of the ordinary.

Tracks include colourful, skilled covers of Muddy Waters' classics like 'Can't Be Satisfied' and 'Champagne & Reefer', together with classic Jimmie Rodgers, Taj Mahal and Tampa Red.  As the title suggests, there's some very fine, slippery slide steel/resonator guitar work in the pot here and some equally fine and subtle harp-work from a buddy, Jim Bullock, and soulful backing vocals from Rhiannon Phillips.

This is one of those albums that manage to stand out from the crowd by dint of the passion, purpose and talent clearly on display. A positively enjoyable bit of work, ideal for lovers of that ole-style ragtime-blues music with a modern edge and timeless feel.