Jeff Jensen Morose Elephant

Jeff Jensen Morose Elephant.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

Jensen is a Memphis-based rock-blues guitarist/singer/songwriter. Morose Elephant is a hi-energy, rocking release featuring some excellent fretwork from Jensen himself and fine percussion from Robinson Bridgeforth, and Wurlitzer from band-member Victor Wainwright. This is the core of Jensen's band and a few other musicians also guest here on this eleven-track album.

'Morose Elephant' is an album that pounds along for the most part, with catchy riffs and licks galore pouring from Jensen's guitar.  Tracks move effortlessly from hard-rocking, guitar-led numbers to slower, soulful songs often Wurlitzer-fuelled  (frequently building nicely to a fast-moving, upbeat middle eight) that allow everyone to do their thing and add to the whole mix.

Jensen is clearly a talented guitarist and his skill is nicely showcased here with touches of jazzy, chord-strewn, octave-driven picking and spare, clean, simpering blues flourishes that always excite and are full of interest.  His voice is more than capable at carrying off everything he aims for in this release, including a neat take from the early 1950s with Amos Milburn's , classic hit,  'Bad, Bad Whiskey' closely followed by another old classic, originally from the late  twenties and made famous and her own by Brenda Lee in the fifties, ' I'll Always Be In Love With You.' Jensen closes the album with a strong self-written number, 'Empty Bottles' that merely hints at his knowledge of the blues tradition and slips along tightly, leaving you looking for more. A rewarding album worth catching.