Inge Andersen Fallen Angel On The Rise

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Submitted by Don Graham

Inge Andersen is one of those hidden gems that are scattered on the musical landscape, just waiting for hungry ears to discover. A pure voice, intelligent but moving lyrics all captured on a 10 song CD, Fallen Angel, brilliantly produced by Americana icon Eric Anderson.

The debut album by this Dutch singers/songwriter was a long time coming as life took her down a different path early on, a path of academia, a path on which she earned a PhD in Educational Psychology. But Inge loved poetry and music for as long as she could remember and she describes a life changing event that took place while she was in college “My friend in college, who was a music collector, took me to a concert of a group of singer-songwriters. This was in 1989. Townes van Zandt, Guy Clark, David Olney and Eric Andersen were on a joint tour. This was the first time I saw and heard Eric. I immediately loved his music. However, it took eleven years before we actually met and another five years before we started singing together. I accompanied Eric on a tour of Japan in 2005 and after that we performed regularly together, with the brilliant Italian violinist Michele Gazich. We played songs from the whole of Eric's repertoire. Eric and Michele encouraged me to perform my own songs and eventually co-produced my album Fallen Angel.”

Eric Andersen adds “Inge's album started out as only her desire to make a simple rough document of her songs. When Michele Gazich and I heard them we decided to flesh them out and the "demo" morphed into a real album. We made the recordings over a period of time in Brescia, Italy, which is near Verona,and mixed and mastered it in Cologne, Germany“ Eric goes on to say “ There is a lovely sweet fullness in Inge's voice but it is only a coating for the hard, sharp messages of her lyric narratives. She writes her music and lyrics using no instruments.Everything is composed and worked out to completionin her head,much like Beethoven did after his deafness.She is also a great harmony singer. It’s an honor to work with her.”

Great songwriters have the uncanny ability to write lyrics that make you feel like you’re reading their personal journals while not making you feel like you’re invading their privacy by doing so. They make you comfortable learning of their vulnerabilities and also see a little of yourself in the lyrics. Inge Andersen displays these qualities and abilities on the original tunes on Fallen Angel. “To Miss Someone” expresses a feeling we’ve all experienced. That feeling of being alone but not by yourself.. “I’ve always known what it means to be alone, surrounded by people but always on my own.” And the great universal quest for love is featured in “ Will It Ever Be Enough.” The openly honest “Betrayal” is one of those songs that upon the second or third listen doubles and triples in its impact, heartwrenching until the end where the heroine is redeemed . It’s a powerful song.” Jump Off The Deep End” tells us to take the leap and “jump off the deep end, it will scare away your fear.” while “ Get Me Closer” is a haunting plea for a closeness and reassurance. “The Angel and the Devil” gives the listener an insight into a woman who does what’s expected of her while denying her own ambitions. She finally breaks out and becomes the woman she always wanted to be. And “ the devil wears a halo now.” This is one of the more moving tracks on this set and one of my favourites. “Mirror of Your Eyes” is a beautifully constructed “thank you” to the person who lets the singer see her true destiny and “you add light to my darkness til I come shining through.” “Stay Who You Are” talks of advice passed on from generation to generation, from father to daughter and when the daughter becomes a mother passed on to her daughter.

The Eric Andresen penned “ Round The Bend” from his Blue River album is given a wonderful treatment, beautifully performed and produced. The final song is the Fred Rose classic originally recorded by Hank Williams. “The Prodigal Son” is the first recording of Inge’s voice and is a perfect way to end this collection.

This is a great debut album; great songs, sparse but full and airy production with great separation and an emphasis on the song and the singer being the star. Inge and Eric Andersen were born to make music together and we look forward to hearing more from the uber talented Miss Inge Andersen. She has plans to record another album and looks forward to you all hearing her music and sharing her stories. “I am working on a new album. I keep writing because I feel deep within me that I have to do this. It is who I am. I love writing. I will always write songs and sing them, no matter what. Some of the new songs I will try out in the shows I do with Eric. The new album will be very different from the first. Fallen Angel, is a collection of storytelling songs that together form a bigger story. It really was the expression of a personal journey. The songs on the new album will stand more on their own. The songs are about people I have known and loved. With the words and music I try to capture in each case a picture of their personality and unique qualities. When the album is finished I hope to promote it by touring.”

If you love great songs and great music, do your ears, heart and soul a favour and get yourself a copy of Fallen Angel by Inge Andersen on Meyer Records.