Terry Draper Searching


Submitted by Don Graham

Toronto singer/songwriter Terry Draper has had a remarkable run in the music business and is still breaking new ground in his musical quest, he is in fact still “Searching”, the title of his brand new, just released CD. The 13 track album, actually 14 (there’s a hidden track) shows Draper at his melodic and lyrical best. His experience and background have over the years taught him well in the construction, melodically, lyrically and sense of purpose in the arrangement to create a perfect pop song.

A little of Terry’s background will help in understanding his musical journey. Terry is probably best known for his work in Klattu, a Toronto based band that created mystery and controversy in the ‘70s and early ‘80s. “Klattu was a band that wanted to remain anonymous, we just wanted to make music without all the hype and extracurricular activities that come with being a rock band. Well somehow with nobody knowing who we were or what we looked like, a rumour got started the Klattu was actually the Beatles. Then Capitol Records took a full page ad out in a major music trade saying that Klattu weren’t the Beatles and said quite simply KLATTU IS KLATTU. Then people started thinking that we perpetrated the rumor and that we were scamming people. The attendance at our shows started dropping and finally we just packed it in as a band.”

Terry DraperTerry DraperBut one of the big bonuses to come out the Klattu days was having the Carpenters record their song Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, a song co-written by Terry Draper.

Since the breakup of Klaatu, Terry’s solo career has never really stopped. He has released a number of CDs, including ‘Light Years Later’, ‘TerryToons’, ‘Civil War… and other love songs’, ‘Aria 52’ and ‘The Furzall Family’. But no matter where popular music went in its ever changing evolution, Terry has always stayed the course and nurtured his love of pop music, and the full, rich productions of the 60’s & 70’s.“When I’m writing the songs I hear the string lines and the orchestra parts in my headso it’s joy to me when I get to record them and realize my vision.” Terry has a home studio where he can take his time and polish his songs until he’s completely satisfied.

The new album “Searching” is a gem, from the songs to the running order which is perfectly placed in a sequence that takes you on a musical journey of love, hope and wonderment. The running order is one of those underestimated sequences but much like when you see a live set that’s perfectly constructed , can make a huge impact.

The title track “Searching” has so many different elements and ayers of sound and a Lennonesque vocal. Really well done.“ Jules and Me” is an ode to Jules Verne and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea and a young boy being transported to a new and exciting place by the written word. A pre Playstation, video game world.” Love Wins” is another standout track . “Somebody posted something online after gay marriage became legal in the States and it read Love Wins! I thought what I great title and a song was born.” Other great tracks include “Our Park Bench” and “All We Can Do”.

As a bonus Terry did a nice medley of The Lovin Spoonful’s “ Younger Girl” and “Flower Girl” aka “The Rain the Park and Other Things” as a hidden track. “ Everything Will Be Alright” is probably the most radio friendly track in my mind.

“Searching” is released on Jaimie Vernon’s resurrected Bulls Eye label and Terry Draper played most of the instruments on this album but is joined by Jamie Hoover; Ray Paul and Lou Pomanti.

Available now at www.terrydraper.com