Donna Flynn All About The Voice

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Submitted by Don Graham

It’s not unusual to hear virtuoso musicians talk about the great teachers they had and lessons they took. Be it guitar players, horn players or string instruments, most had some form of lessons or training. And how often have you heard vocalists refer to their voice as their “instrument” ? And yet the majority of pop or country singers don’t take lessons or have any training. The theory seems to be “ I open my mouth and sing.” But how much would singers benefit from a little training? I would venture to say, like any other “instrumentalist”, a lot .

Enter vocal coach Donna Flynn. “ I can help people get the most out of their singing voices by teaching them techniques and exercises that I have studied and are proven. This enables me  to take singers to the  next level,”

Donna grew up in Montreal “I was active in the music and repertory scene as a singer and dancer.” She moved to Toronto where she began a journey of vocal training with vocal coaches in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville and the Royal Conservatory in Toronto, but she felt that none of these were helping her reach the level she was sure she was capable of reaching. She began to realise if she was going to bring out her full voice and individuality she would have to develop it herself. So that’s what set out to do.

“ I could have continued my career performing and traveling but I wanted a steady foundation and didn’t want to live out of a suitcase. So I had to figure how to stay involved with singing and voice so I thought what better way than to help others reach their vocal potential.”

She took courses to understand the science behind vocal techniques and in 2004 started her enterprise and business is booming. “I’m not doing just singing but voice work in general.” Here is a good capsulation of Donna’s business model, in her own words.

“I have been involved in countless audition processes for commercials, tv, stage, and have worked with record companies, award winning producers, and vocalists preparing for recording, performing and touring. Business professionals and leaders sharpen their speaking and presentation skills through coaching too. Voice feminization and voice masculinization in the transgender community is becoming more and more common. It seems that everyone has something they want to do and they want to do it in the best way possible. People show up at my office with more than just goals. They show up with dreams for their future, be it career or simply to find their inner joy. I take my role in that seriously by bringing you only the highest caliber comprehensive training tools. My combined background in voice coaching, and more important, in the health and proper use of the voice allows you to be properly assessed so you get only what works best for you and leaves out all the standard outdated old school exercises that take forever to get any meaningful and lasting results, if any at all.

The voice can be damaged easily. Doing wrong things reinforce bad habits. Get the direction that offers the safest and most up-to-date scientifically proven ways to get results. If you can find a Vocal Coach with a broader and more extensive background than me, I will eat a goldfish! Okay, well maybe I won't actually eat a goldfish but I want to you to know how much I really mean what I say, so I just threw that in.

My approach is different. My background is extensive. If you are serious about giving your voice only what is specific to you and the place you are starting from (the good, the bad, and the ugly), this training is for you.”

To contact Donna Flynn Vocal Coach to get more information on how she can help you reach you reach our full potential, call 416 436 8036 or visit