Bey Paule Band: Not Going Away

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We often hear the cliché “the third time’s the charm”. Well, there is some truth in that remark, and it proves to be so with release number three by The Bey Paule Band, NOT GOIN’ AWAY. This musically, rich creation of twelve Soul and Blues songs, includes ten original expressions and two thoughtfully chosen covers. Most of the members of The Bey Paule Band mingled their talents in the art of co-writing. More so than with the very successful, previous releases YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING, and SOUL FOR YOUR BLUES, the creation of NOT GOIN’ AWAY was a group effort. Frank Bey’s hypnotic vocals, and Anthony Paule’s lofty guitar playing, are energetically supported by, Paul Revelli, drums & percussion; Paul Olguin, bass; Tony Lufrano, keyboards; Nancy Wright, tenor sax; Mike Rinta, trombone; and the one and only new comer Tom Poole, trumpet. The Bay Paule Band’s out-of-this-world horn arrangements are the fierce inspirations of Mike Rinta and Anthony Paule. This is probably a good time to note a small change. The band’s name, it’s shorter, easier to say, and easier to remember. How cool is that? The Frank Bey & Anthony Paule Band, will from this point forward be known as The Bey Paule Band. Black Bottom: Part of what I love about working with Frank is hearing him talk about his very interesting life. It was only a matter of time before the song needed to be written.

Here it is, in all its glory, from childhood to present time as told by the boys.

Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Well, this is pretty straight forward. It’s about the fizzle of the sizzle.

Right In Front of You: One day last summer Frank, Christine & I were sitting at our patio table sipping lemonade. Frank had an idea to write a song about being the guy who gets the lady’s problem, but never her heart. This is what we came up with.

Next To My Heart: There’s nothing like a good ol’ tear jerking, sad, broken hearted, full of regret, guilt, shame, and remorse laden, love song. Here’s one for you.

Someone You Use: I asked Rick Estrin if he had any ideas for cover songs. He came up with this jewel, originally recorded by Candi Staton.

This Party’s Done: The line “he didn’t know the party was over” came up in conversation with Frank . He was in story telling mode and told us about a hard partying friend of who landed in the hospital because of all his boozin’ and floozin’. His doctor convinced him to quit, but it was too late. Once he got that news he started partying again and continued right up to the end.

Nobody’s Angel: A sad story about a little girl’s needs never being met.

Not Goin’ Away: This is the sequel to “I’m Leavin’ You Today” from our second CD, Soul For Your Blues. The guy is fickle. First he is gone for good, and never coming back! Then, wouldn’t you know it! He comes crawling back for more.

Ballad Of The Lover Man: Our keyboard player, Tony Lufrano had written this tune a couple of years back, and I always liked the groove.

Noel’s Haze: I wanted to come up with and instrumental in the Booker T. & The M.G.’s style. I created the bass and guitar line, shared it with the rest of the band at rehearsal and it came together easy as pie! The tune is named after our friend and executive producer, Noel Hayes who introduced Frank and me…you know the rest of the story.

Don’t Ask Me How I Feel: Sometimes the most mundane conversation can inspire a song. One friend asked another “how’s it going?” The reply was “don’t ask me how I feel” and just like that a song was born.

If I Could Reach Out: Our drummer, Paul Revelli suggested this song. It’s obviously a perfect fit for Frank and the band. I love groove, and the lyrics perfectly express Frank’s outlook on life.

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