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Real music, real passion, real songs, the real deal. Alex Fisher can say yes to all of the above. “I know I’m just starting my career and still have a long way to go and still have to prove myself but I’m trying real hard to build on a solid foundation. And I’m building from the ground up making sure there is honesty to my music, both in my songwriting and my delivery of the songs. I think one of the hardest things for a young artist to do is find his or her own identity, to not try and sound like anybody else and just be themselves.”

That is exactly what the Kingston singer/songwriter is doing. With his debut album, ‘For Us’ already under his belt Alex Fisher has jumped into utilizing his talents with full force. “It’s amazing how fast things are moving for me right now. I was playing open mics in the Kingston area, trying out new songs and trying to improve and learn as I went. Another songwriter, Kevin Head, who liked what I was doing said if you want to get to next level you need a team supporting and guiding you. He strongly suggested I get in touch with Sandy Graham at Entertainment Music Group in Toronto. I got a hold of her and sent her some of my music. We had a long talk and discovered we were both on the same page and I knew that Sandy and her team were the right fit for me. Once the deal was done, in fact before the ink was even dry on the contract, things really starting speeding up. Alex FisherAlex FisherI have a great new website , worldwide distribution with Believe Digital and connections with fellow artists and songwriters who are super generous with their time and knowledge. I’m just like a sponge absorbing all their advice and expertise and using it to fit my plan. I feel really blessed to be part of an established team of professionals.”

The next few months look to be exciting and accelerating times for Alex. In April he and his team head to Wasaga Beach to be the face of a new brew, Wasaga Beach Beer and in May with Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Alex and EMG have meetings lined up to introduce Alex and his music to the world with an appearance on the new Cashbox Magazine Television. “Cashbox Magazine Television is launching during Canadian Music Week and I’ve been asked to be a guest. It will be an interview format and include a couple of videos. There will be some legendary guests to launch this so I’m thrilled to be included.”

There’s a new single being prepped for release and summer tour dates be firmed up and new songs to be written for a new album. “Songwriting is really my passion and I want to evolve as a writer. The only way I’m going to do that is by working hard at it and letting it find its way. There is a satisfaction that comes from songwriting that isn’t found anywhere else. To start the day with a blank piece of paper and finish with something. And with any luck it will be something that will speak to different people in different ways.”

This passion for music does not go unrewarding, as Alex had an experience not that long ago that confirmed his identity as a performer. “I was playing a cover song called ‘Wish you Were Here’ and afterwards a couple came up to me to tell me what the song had meant to them. They had lost their son 7 years ago and for that brief moment while I sang that song, they felt his presence in the room. That meant so much to me to hear that because at that moment I had the validation that I needed that I was doing what I was meant to do.”

Alex Fisher is a young and passionate artist with a very bright future.“I’m so grateful for the support and love of my friends, family and team that believes in me. You’ve all been so supportive, and no matter how much it seems like I am doing this for me…it has always been ‘For Us’!

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Alex Fisher Sam Reid (Glass Tiger) and Dave Cubitt (Wasaga Beach Beer)Alex Fisher Sam Reid (Glass Tiger) and Dave Cubitt (Wasaga Beach Brewing Company)