Cashbox Canada Seven Years and Counting


Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Seven years ago Sandy Graham, a Canadian music scene veteran with a background in music retail at International Record Store, radio, CJFM, CFCF in Montreal and Records, RCA in Montreal and print, Joey Cee’s Record Week in Toronto, received an offer she couldn’t refuse.

“The famous Cashbox Magazine in the U.S., that was our “bible” in the old days, had started up again in North Carolina and they wanted to expand to Canada. I was approached with an offer to own it outright and immediately said yes, having no real idea of how it would work.” So Sandy set about putting a team together, a team of writers, including herself, veteran Lenny Stoute whose grasp of the indie scene is unequalled, musician, photographer and radio host Bill King, country music songwriter and performer Don Graham, local scene whiz kid  Lee Fraser, Music Industry Veteran Mark Smith, MuchMusic VeeJay Michael Williams and ‘Girl With a Camera’ Pat Blythe. Add in foreign correspondent Iain Patience, Registered Graphic Designer Gillian FitzGibbon (who is responsible for the amazing cover designs every week) and Chris Wardman who keeps the train moving on the website.

Cashbox’s mandate is to promote the indie artists that need a kickstart and the legacy artists that paved the road for the future of the music scene. Covers can range from the  legendary Bobby Curtola, Dick Damron and Andy Kim and young up and comers like Ruthless Ones and Alex Fisher. On the global front Cashbox has done in depth and personal interviews and cover stories on Carole Kay, Jimmy Webb, Eric Andersen, Jesse Colin Young, The Lovin’ Spoonful’s  Steve Boone, Tom Rush, Diane Warren just to mention a few.

The popularity and respect for the magazine is growing weekly and Sandy Graham is proud of what they have accomplished in the first seven years.

“It’s really a labour of love and being a weekly publication it can be a challenge. But the whole gang here at Cashbox are music lovers and that’s what drives us each and every week. I am proud of the Cashbox Team and could not have done this without them. Every person on the team has a musical background, a love of music and the drive to promote it all the time. For all of us here it is truly all about the music.”