Jordan McIntosh: Steal Your Heart Away

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Submitted by Don Graham

Any good chef will tell you the secret to cooking a perfect meal is taking your time; low heat for a longer period of time.  It’s the same with a music career. Slow and steady wins the race. Jordan McIntosh is breaking out big time right now and it may appear to some that he is an “ overnight success” when in actuality he has been carefully making his in the complicated music world; choosing the right people, making the right moves, the right records and touring with the right acts.

Actually Jordan was “chosen” by Canadian industry heavyweight, Jim Cressman of Invictus Entertainment. “I went the Canadian Country Music Awards when they were held in Ottawa as a seat filler. My seat was right up in the front and we caught the attention of Johnny Reid, who was hosting. When Johnny saw me performing at one he mentioned seeing me to Jim Cressman at a meeting they were having. Long story short, Jim called me and offered me a slot on the roster. I believe I was the first artist Jim ever signed sight unseen. So I owe a lot to Johnny Reid.”

I actually first saw Jordan when he was attending the Canadian Music Week festivities at the Royal York in Toronto a few years ago. He was sitting in the concourse area with a couple of sidemen, singing hos songs and saying hello to passersby. “That was an album I had out on Iroc, an independent label. I’m amazed how many people say they saw me there.”

McIntosh's first single, "Walk Away", was released in August 2012, followed by "Let Me Love You", "Grew Up in a Country Song", "That Girl" and "Story of My Life" which featured George Canyon. He also was featured on Canyon's Christmas song "Home for Christmas", which also included Aaron Pritchett and “One More Girl”.

McIntosh won the 2014 Country Music Association of Ontario award for Rising Star.He was a finalist in the Emerging Artist Showcase presented by Sirius XM Canada at the Boots and Hearts Music Festival.

Since signing with Big Star he has grown in leaps and bounds but at a nice, carefully planned path. He has been on tour with Canadian icon George Canyon who also produced Jordan debut album, “Steal Your Heart ”, which includes the single of the same name. So far Canadian radio has reacted favourably to the new single.

This summer looks to be a busy one for the young, Jordan is only 20 years old, rising star with Boots and Hearts on his schedule and an appearance at the Calgary Stampede.

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