Nicole Rayy Taking Big Steps

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Submitted by Don Graham
Nicole Rayy Photo Credit:  Ian McCausland

Nicole Rayy has been paying her dues and finding her path on the Canadian country music scene for about five years now,and has been getting more and more comfortable in her musical direction, growing into the artist she is destined to be.

Now that her name is familiar to fans and country radio, she is kicking it up a notch this month with the release of her debut full length album titled, Dig. We asked about the choice of album title; “I played around with different ideas for titles. I’ve always liked titles of songs on the album as a title and when we landed on Dig I thought it was perfect because that’s what I felt I did writing this album. I was digging deep and writing from my heart.”

The release date for Dig is October 14th, with a release party at Cowboy’s Roadhouse in Winnipeg on October 15th andall proceeds from the night being donated to the Manitoba Neurofibromatosis Support Group(MBNF). “We wanted a charity that really needed to have its awareness level raised. I was introduced to this charity by my manager whose 9-year old nephew lives with NF and I’ve seen the daily challenges he faces.I wanted to give back and help spread awareness by donating all the proceeds from the evening to MBNF.”

The album was recorded at Noble Street Studios in Toronto and produced by Doug Romanow, best known for his work with Justin Bieber, Chantal Kreviazuk and Johnny Reid. Dig is a 10-track album with a great mix of tunes.There are anthems like “Done With This Town” and the first single “Don’t”. There is the emotional “Never Cry Like That” and “Drive Until I Forget You,”On this album Nicole will take the listener on a personal journey of pain, love loss and triumph. The album’s title track and single “Dig” will be available to radio on October 11th.

Currently, Nicole is packing for a short tour of China. “We played there awhile ago and they have invited us back. They love our music in China and I love playing there.” She will return just in time to head out west for her CD release date Winnipeg.

Nicole Rayy is taking big steps to secure her place as a mainstay in Canadian country music and “Dig” will be a giant leap in that progression.

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