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Submitted by Lenny Stoute
Photo at right: Debra-Jean Creelman

Vancouver's Debra-Jean Creelman is making a name in Americana roots circles for her singing and songwriting. An accomplished singer having found success early with Canadian indie pop act Mother Mother, Debra went on to focus on her solo career in 2008. She's also lent her voice to a bevy of notable Canadian artists, including Frazey Ford, the Wooden Sky, the Crackling, Louise Burns, Aidan Knight, Dustin Bentall, and Pugs and Crows. For the Railtown Sessions, Debra-Jean steps to the left of the folk/roots idiom and brings an ethereal quality to the collection. On "Midnight Sun" her voice pierces a wall of fuzz reminiscent of 50's doo-wop and 60's psychedelia. "Up in Smoke" winds its way in a meditative fashion while "Maybe They Were Right" brings grit and swagger. She sings "It's so hard to speak my heart, when my mind is breaking" on the slow burning "In the Dark", full of vulnerability. All in all, the swelling distortion and strong yet delicate vocals of Debra's Session echo the howl of the locomotives grinding their way out of Railtown.

Creelman's part of the Light Organ Records collective and is featured on their next release. The Light Organ Records Railtown Sessions continue with the last streamed concert of the year; Vancouver's Debra-Jean Creelman, live on from Light Organ's studio, joined by an exclusive party of fans, industry and media. The fourth installment of the live sessions, this is the final Railtown Session for the year. The first was an intimate and moving set from Sarah Jane Scouten in July, followed by a rousing, upbeat set from Rob Butterfield in August and the warm, rootsy stylings of Vancouver's Johnny 99 earlier in October at Light Organ's studios. But the Railtown Sessions are not fully over with the November 11 Debra-Jean show, as all the artists will come together for a public show on December 9 at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver.

The Railtown Sessions were conceived of and produced by Vancouver songwriter and producer Andy Bishop, who brought some of his favourite lesser-known Canadian songwriters into the Light Organ Records studio to record their songs along with recording/mixing engineer Colin Stewart. To the microphone stepped Sarah Jane Scouten, Rob Butterfield, Johnny 99, and Debra-Jean Creelman, backed by the same crack band, to record four original songs each. The result is Light Organ Record's four volume Railtown Sessions, a raw yet polished collection of each songwriter's style and voice. The Railtown Session recordings have been released digitally from July to November 2016 with a series of intimate concerts at Light Organ's performance space.

Each performance is live streamed through Light Organ's website and will air later on Roundhouse Radio. The Railtown Sessions will culminate in an end-of-year show with all the musicians performing together, for an unforgettable night of music at the Fox Cabaret on December 9.

The unique recordings, ranging from rock to roots, are available NOW exclusively through Light Organ Records both digitally and on limited release vinyl. Get them as they come out at

Kinnie StarrKinnie StarrA fierce force within the music biz, Canadian singer, songwriter, published author and illustrator, JUNO Award-winning producer, and documentary host KINNIE STARR does it all. This week she’s releasing a brand new single “GHOST” (Aporia Records), plus an accompanying video, both out Friday, October 28th. Not to mention the world premiere of her documentary on women in the music industry, PLAY YOUR GENDER, showing at the Canberra International Film Festival on Saturday, October 29th in Australia. The Canadian premiere will take place at the Hamilton Film Festival in the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel, Heritage Room on Friday, November 11th at 3:30 pm. The film features interviews with feminist artists such as Sara Quinn (of Tegan and Sara), Chantal Kreviazuk, and Lily Frost, along with other music industry folks such as Helen Britton of Six Shooter Records. For more info please visit /

Kinnie Starr is one of Canada’s most adored and critically acclaimed underground, genre-defying artists, one who’s been on the Canadian arts scene for more than 15 years. Starr moves from hip-hop to art-pop, folk to spoken word to EDM with eclectic grace. Her music is fearless, intuitive, politically-charged and melodic. Now based in Sechelt, B.C., Starr is Calgary-born of French, German, Irish and Mohawk bloodlines, is trilingual (English, French and Spanish) and she has a B.A. in Race and Gender Studies from Queen’s University, Ontario.

Widely known as an artist with an original, authentic voice, Starr has been “blazing her own influential trail since 1996,” says The Philadelphia Record, with her beat-slamming recordings, outspoken race and gender politics, in addition to her intelligent and edgy visual art. Entirely self-trained as well as self-produced throughout her career, Starr’s first time as a producer of other people's work gained a JUNO Award for Aboriginal Album of the Year (We Are, Digging Roots, 2010).

The new single “Ghost” is a spooky single ironically riffing on 2016's climate, where all artists are expected to be extroverts, overly public and visible. Of this haunting and entrancing song, Starr says “It talks about the music industry and how the extrovert DOMINATES - the showier the better. More videos, more parties, more, more, more visibility. And everyone wants to be seen. It's also a song about knowing when to leave, on a personal level, and knowing where your centre is.”

Ranging from live-drumbeat rap, to sighing background vocals, to an EDM synth break in the middle, all while riding a sinuous, irresistible groove, it’s a perfect slow jam. Produced by her dear friend Doug Bedard a.k.a. PLEX – one of Canada's most underrated rappers and beat makers, Plex has always produced quality work yet has largely been ignored in a rap scene where Aboriginal rappers are expected to fulfil the pan-Indian ideal – and co-produced by Starr herself, “Ghost” showcases a very sophisticated, sinewy arrangement with instrumentation that’s minimal but rich. The style combination of Plex and Starr as producers, serves to deliver this track as a nod to old school rap - playful, hard and full of metaphor. The “Ghost” video, directed by Ryan Nolan, features kinetic, smoky clips of Starr and others under white sheets and in a storage space, with a few well-placed screams.

The documentary feature-length film Play Your Gender, that Starr executive-produced and hosted with director Stephanie Joline and producer Sahar Yousefi, features Sara Quinn from Tegan and Sara, Chantal Kreviazuk, Ndidi Onukwulu and many more, this is a film for anyone interested in the gender gap in the music industry and how it plays out in terms of authorship and production. The film centres around the discussion about why less than five percent of producers are female – a topic dear to Starr as a producer of note, but female. As an example, Starr has been recognized by Manifesto Hip Hop Summit as a pioneer in hip-hop (in 2011, alongside Michie Mee) but how many people know that? The film questions why females are so under acknowledged for their work as producers, drummers, innovators and leaders. Originally an NFB director had contacted Starr to do a documentary about her. Since the idea of making a film about herself didn’t appeal to her, and she was more passionate about society, feminism, gender equality and race relations, her suggestion of making the film about women in the music industry instead, was quickly adopted. The ground-breaking film’s world premiere takes place at Canberra Festival in Australia on October 29th and at The Hamilton Film Festival on November 11th.

Oh Pep!Oh Pep!Australian duo Oh Pep! are sharing the video for “Wanting”, a track from latest album, Stadium Cake, which spent a few weeks riding CBC Radio 2’s Top 20 chart. The video premiered in the UK via Gold Flake Paint, who called the record “Brilliantly warm, with enough mystical bite to keep you coming back again and again, Stadium Cake is one of the year’s most compelling pop records.”

Oh Pep!’s Olivia Hally and Pepita Emmerichs are coming to the end of their world tour, having passed through Canada earlier this year with Basia Bulat, and stops at the Vancouver Folk Festival and Calgary Folk Festival. The pair will continue on tour through the UK and arrive back home to play the Woodford Folk Festival at the end of the year. Stadium Cake was recorded in Echo Lake, Nova Scotia in February and August of 2015 with producer, Daniel Ledwell. The band's obsession with good songs, regardless of genre or generation, has led them to write a album with limitless horizons. On first single "Doctor Doctor" Hally sings, "Where is the light, for me it's the darkest night" over a captivating beat, whilst Emmerichs plays a subtly driving and haunting violin line. It's this same light and dark that makes up the tapestry of Stadium Cake and encapsulates the duo’s unique collaboration. It's the yin and yang of their personalities that brings a tension to each unsuspecting pop song. And yeah, they've heard all the Tegan and Sara comparisons.

Avery RaquelAvery RaquelBuzzworthy rising jazz vocalist Avery Raquel, accompanied by an all-star band of Adrean Farrugia (piano), Paul Intson (bass), Al Ralston (trumpet & flugelhorn) and Randall Coryell (drums) brings her extraordinary musical talents to the Elora Centre for the Arts on November 5. The Minaraovich Gallery will be transformed into an intimate, licensed jazz club for the evening.

Tres young and very much influenced by the contempo jazz scene, Avery brought that fresh approach to the classic standards on debut offering Life Lessons. The kid's got some impressive chops and isn't afraid to take vocal chance, good markers for an artist at this stage of a career.

CBC Radio and Jazz.FM91 have been very supportive of Avery - she has been played on Fresh Air, Metro Morning and Big City Small World. And next month, for a fourth time she will be fortunate enough to join an immensely talented line up of singers with a top-notch band at one of Jazz.FM91’s hugely successful sold-out One Stop Safaris at Lula Lounge before a jazz-savvy audience comprised of some of the station’s donors. Avery is much in demand these days, in addition to her own concerts she is also the vocalist for the Jazz.FM91's Youth Big Band.

Kirk McElwain, Chair of Sensational Elora says: “Sensational Elora is honoured to present Avery in Elora at this early stage of her career, particularly with such a talented group of musicians. Someday we will be saying ‘I knew her when…’ ”

Jen LaneJen LaneCanadian Jen Lane is returning to the Eastern Canada to promote the vinyl release of her album This Life of Mine which was #1 on the Folk charts and received many great reviews from the UK, US and here in Canada.Fessing up, I slept on it and only recently checked out this remarkable album that crosses and sometimes blurs the lines between country, folk, Americana and pop.

Over the past eight years, the Saskatoon-based recording artist has shown that the trials and tribulations she endured during that time have led to the creation of what is thus far her most personal, compelling and powerfully evocative album. This Life of Mine, her 5th studio album, is the culmination of a time in Lane’s personal and creative life that can truly be described as a roller coaster ride that began after she was sidelined with a foot and ankle injury that took several years and multiple surgeries to repair.

With her first two releases, Sleepless (1999) and Injection (2002) Lane garnered a lot of attention within the Western Canadian music scene. Sleepless was nominated for a Prairie Music Award when Lane was just 16. Her self-titled 2006 album and the 2010 follow-up, For the Night, were both nominated for Western Canadian Music Awards and Jen received many notable showcases across the country and into the US including 3 trips to SXSW.

Having previously worked with Vancouver multi- instrumentalist and producer, John MacArthur Ellis, Jen made the last minute call to see if he’d be available to produce the new album. Luck, or fate intervened and Ellis cleared his schedule to be a part of the project. The next call was to Nick Stecz, who has played drums with Leeroy Stagger for years and was also available. The sessions came together serendipitously and proved to be one of the smoothest, most enjoyable recording experiences Jen has ever had.

Lane wrote every song on This Life of Mine except for “Thirteen” by Big Star; her songs paint a picture of an artist who is not only a master melodic craftsperson but also able to provoke listeners to think, reflect and feel deeply through her compositions. "Shoe", the first single from the album, which was released in the fall of 2015, is a foot stomper of a song a little bit country, a little bit bluegrassy and a definite fan favourite.

"Movin’ On", the second single, fits the theme of the album in that its overarching message to the listener is about perseverance. “It’s about going through all the highs and lows in life and understanding that the most important thing you can do is to let go and move on. Holding onto things that are painful doesn’t get you anywhere. I know that first hand,” adding that she would rather find inspiration through her tears than just wallow in them. “When people tell me that one of my songs made them feel better, I feel like I did something positive with my sadness.”

Friendly RichFriendly RichJen Lane - This Life of Mine - Vinyl Release Tour

Nov 04, 2016 7pm Orillia, ON The Brownstone Cafe
Nov 05, 2016 7pm Gravenhurst, ON Sawdust City Brewing
Nov 06, 2016 2pm Durham, ON Garafraxa Cafe
Nov 08, 2016 6pm Toronto, ON The Cameron House
Nov 13, 2016 9pm Toronto, ON Opera Bob's
Nov 15, 2016 6pm Toronto, ON The Cameron House
Nov 16, 2016 8pm Oakville, ON The Moonshine Cafe
Nov 18, 2016 8pm Wakefield, QC Blacksheep Inn
Nov 19, 2016 10pm Montreal, QC Grumpy's Bar
Nov 20, 2016 9pm Montreal, QC Quai des Brumes
Nov 22, 2016 6pm Toronto, ON The Cameron House
Nov 26, 2016 8pm Toronto, ON PH08
Nov 27, 2016 9pm Toronto, ON Opera Bob's
Nov 29, 2016 6pm Toronto, ON The Cameron House

BITS'N'PIECES Here's a Saturday night date with a diff. On Saturday November 5th, composer Friendly Rich and his oddball music ensemble The Lollipop People will bring the absurdist vaudeville show, The Friendly Rich Show to Toronto's Royal Cinema. Splashes of burlesque, clown, film, comedy, lecture, and music from some of Toronto's finest, including: Bob Wiseman, Marty Topps, Christine Duncan's Element Choir, Alex Pangman, The Remainders, Selina Martin, Sketchy the Clown and many more...

Public AnimalPublic AnimalTickets will also be available at the door for $20, and the show will feature over 6 kinds of this very special beer from Shawinigan, Quebec. Taste some Trou du Diable beer, in the company of Toronto's freakiest.With pre and post parties at Birreria Volo next door to the Royal Cinema, where they will host a Tap Takeover for the night, with Trou Du Diable featured exclusively! This will not be a sobering experience.

A new album from a new Ian Blurton combo is always reason for headbanging joy and Palace Arms from his new combo Public Animal is no exception. PA is Blurton, Caitlin Dacey, Eric Larock and Ryan Gassi and the man's described the sound as 'proggish feral rock'n'roll'. You have been warned.

Terra LightfootTerra LightfootSix string blues queen Terra Lightfoot checks into the Horseshoe Sat. Nov.5. Expect lots of uptempo riffage and powerhouse vocals as demonstrtated on sophomore studio album Every Time My Mind Runs Wild.

Blues at The Goose for November
Nov.6-Harpdog Brown& Jordan Edmunds
Nov.13-Kevin McQuade& Michael Fonfara
Nov.20-Jake Chisholm& Jesse Whiteley
Nov.27-Robin Banks& Teddy Leonard

All acts backed by BIG GROOVE, Mike Fitzpatrick(drums) & Gary Kendall(bass)