I Heard It In A Love Song

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Submitted by Don Graham

Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate love, is around the corner. It’s time to talk about love songs. “ I heard it in a love song, can’t be wrong.” Thus spoke the Marshall Tucker Band. Jim Croce said “Everytime I try to tell you the words just come out wrong. So I’ll have to say I love you in a song.” And Paul McCartney said “You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs I look around me and I see it isn't so. Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs, what's wrong with that I'd like to know.” Well Sir Paul, nothing! Nothing is wrong with that.

Love songs have been around forever and are in every society in some form or other. Heck, even birds sing each other love songs. Love songs go back to the early troubadours singing airs to their romantic interests. Scottish poet and songwriter Robbie Burns sang of his love being like a red, red rose. The cowboys sang of love in The Red River Valley or Cowboy Love Song. Legend has it that sitting around the fire at night as they strummed guitars and sang after a hard day on the range, the cowboys would sing what they knew of the song and make up new verses that would be passed on at the next roundup. As the song moved from year to year and camp to camp more verses were added. I once heard it said there were over a hundred verses to the song.

Songs about love were written and sung in the country and western genre, the blues and pop, rock ‘n’ roll and R & B world. There were songs of new love, lost love, found love, forbidden love, Radar love, Monkey love, Faded love, Baby love, Crazy love , Endless love, Easy love, Tainted love, Careless love, and on and on.

Love songs can be happy songs, sad songs or songs of longing for new love and songs of pining for lost love.

Every Valentine’s Day I am reminded of the prevalence and importance of love songs in how we relate to each other romantically. And it’s one of those themes that will carry on in every generation.

So this February 14th have some fun and think about how love songs have affected your life. Sometimes Love Hurts, sometimes Love Is a Many Splendored Thing and sometimes All You Need is Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day !

Editor’s Note: Don Graham is a prolific songwriter in his own right and his CD entitled ‘Willing Heart’ is filled with love songs and love lost. Check him out on www.dongrahammusic.ca

We invite you to post your favourite love song here and let us know your love story that goes with it!