Matt Andersen - Honest Man


Submitted by Don Graham

Matt Andersen has paid his dues (probably some of yours and mine as well) and is now reaping the rewards of his labour with international recognition and a jammed packed tour schedule.

We caught up with Matt at his home in Nova Scotia on the eve of the beginning of his new live show schedule -The Honest Man Tour. “I feel really fortunate that I’m able to go out on these tours and enough people like my music and support me to make it all possible.” This tour is a solo tour and I asked Matt, who tours with his band as well, ,whether he preferred the band set up or the solo configuration he said “I like them both, neither one is better, just different. As a solo I can change things but I do that with the band anyway. It’s fun to not do the same thing every night. Plus the band is used to me hollering at them on stage.”

And Matt is set to embark on a tour that will see him in the northeast United States in February and March with Canadian gigs in March and April as well before heading to Europe in May and June and back to Canada in July. The boy is busy and enjoying every minute of it. “I feel very fortunate to be able to work as much as I do and be able to share the music with the people.”

Matt Andersen Photo Credit Good Noise PhotographyMatt Andersen Photo Credit Good Noise PhotographyMatt’s latest album ‘Honest Man’ on True North is a bit of departure for him from the blues albums of the past. Although it’s still true to the style that got him to where he is today the colors provided by producer Commission Gordon pay more attention to the songs than heavy guitar riffs. Gordon,who produced Amy Winehouse and Josh Stone among others as a producer Matt wanted to try on his music. “I liked the idea of trying some of his looped beats and see if we could add a different dimension to the tunes.” The album is masterfully done. With songs this good that was inevitable with the proper treatment and Andersen and Gordon wove a gem of a quilt of musical fabric. Matt’s rich baritone with the edge of a Joe Cocker at times, provides him that much sought after combination of a great voice to match the great songs. “Let’s Get Back” is a country flavoured track but the sweet brass solo takes it down a different road. “I’m Giving In” is a heartfelt and at times painful lament about total surrender to another person and is soulful and relatable. Could be a mainstream hit in my opinion. “Last Surrender” evokes the R&B feel that Andersen’s voice is perfect for. Another favourite is the uplifting “Break Away” and the title track “ Honest Man” has that Memphis funky feel with Memphis style horns. It’s hard for an artist to pick a favourite track but I asked Matt his pick on this album he said “At this moment I’d have to say “One Good Song.” It’s a song about looking for that elusive hit. All I want is one good song!”

Matt Andersen has been making music for 15 years now and I think this could be the album that takes the Juno nominated Canadian treasure that extra step from indie sensation to international star.

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