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The Noolands are a four piece alt. rock group from Barrie, Ontario a bedroom city of Toronto just up the 400 Highway. “We’re close enough to the big city to make ourselves accessible but far enough away to still get a smaller city vibe,” says co-founder Brandon Davenport.

The band consists of Davenport, Aaron Casey and twin brothers James and Jon Laxton. Says Brandon, “We have been together for about four years now and are having a blast. Aaron and I started out as songwriters for other people and enjoyed playing with James and Jon but just for our friends. But people really enjoyed our energy on stage and there was a demand to see us live so we got serious about putting the band together and here we are.” And where they are is in a great position to take that next step forward on their musical journey with a new single, ‘Loosey Goosey’ and a new EP, "Us On A Bus" to promote their first single.

‘High School T-Shirt’ was released in 2014 and was recorded in Barrie at Unity Market Café and Studio. It got some traction and allowed the boys to get a couple of dozen formative live shows under their belts. They went back to the studio with friend and producer Joshua Doerksen (also known as Papa Nooland) to create a five-song EP title Generation Why. This EP was an important link in the ‘Chain of Nooland’ they were forging, drawing all the influences they grew up with and melding them together to form their sound. This record also got them some local radio airplay on Rock 95.

The Noolands Loosey GooseyThe Noolands "Us On a Bus"

In 2016, the band recorded another single, ‘Record Man’, produced by Jeff Wardell of Your Productions. This song yielded the first music video which added a new dimension and allowed folks to see just how much fun the band was to watch in a live performance.

Which brings us to now and their latest effort, "Us On A Bus", containing the hit single ‘Loosey Goosey’ produced by Shane Heath at One Star Studio. Shane owns a club in Barrie, The Foxx and his rock ‘n’ roll mindset is a perfect match for The Noolands “attitude rock“ sound.

"Us On A Bus" will be released on April 27, 2018, with a CD release party planned at The Foxx in Barrie, Ontario. For pre-orders of "Us on a Bus":

So keep your eyes and ears open for this unique band and don’t miss a chance to catch them live!

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