Brian Hutson Anything Can Happen

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Submitted by Charles Hatton
Photo Credit Angela Talley

"Anything Can Happen" joins the fine string of single releases that have characterized Brian Hutson's career thus far. The lone exception, his late 2017 EP release Midnight Sessions, underlined the fact that he's one of the blossoming talents in popular music today. There is a dearth of vocal interpreters both emotionally aware and technically capable, but Brian Hutson fits the role. Hutson's first single, released in 2015, resulted from a chance meeting with famed producer Joe Vulpis who soon whisked Hutson away into a studio for his first recording, "Let It Ride". His natural talents were quite apparent and he couples movie star looks with it to make for an overall winning package. This new release shows Hutson is far from content from resting on whatever laurels he's earned so far and, instead, searches for new musical worlds to conquer. He finds one with "Anything Can Happen" and his presence in the performance is powerful.

The most powerful aspect is definitely his singing. Hutson carries the bulk of the tune's melodic excellence with his voice and it never fails to live up to his demands. A great singer can't elevate a crappy song, but a great singer can make a great song all the much greater and that comes across as truer than ever with this song. He adjusts his voice to its various demands and never fails to invest the tune with all the meaning it deserves and there's a strong storytelling aspect surrounding what he does as well that helps us live out the emotions running through Hutson's lyric. The writing, like the musical arrangement, spares any sideshows and only exerts just the effort it needs to get into a listener's heart. "Anything Can Happen" is, arguably, Brian Hutson's finest vocal performance yet and raises him a notch higher than he previously knew.

The acoustic guitar work heard throughout the song, to varying degrees, is one of its most important musical parts. The production really invests that instrument with a particular luster that makes it stand out from the mix and places it in near counterpoint with Hutson's voice in a few places. The way Hutson and his collaborators structure and orchestrate the song is particularly powerful. It has an inevitability that some may find predictable, but it's predictable in the best way because you can honestly listen and enjoy hearing Hutson and the musicians get to where they are going. It's all about no wasted motion. Both singer and band move together as one cohesive musical experience from the first all the way to the end and it provides an emotionally fulfilling and entertaining experience for listeners. "Anything Can Happen" really reaches into our hearts and fills us with the same sense of wonder about love that we always long for and life all too rarely delivers.