Audiotree North Releases New Video of Lido Pimienta’s Fornicarte es un Arte

Polaris-winning artist Lido Pimienta.JPG

Submitted to Cashbox Canada

April 18, 2018, Audiotree North, revealed the third live video in their pilot session, featuring 2017 Polaris Music Prize winner, Lido Pimienta. The live performance of Pimienta’s track, Fornicarte es un Arte, was shot at Revolution Recording in Toronto. The song, which translates to “the art of fornicating (with) you or the art of fucking you,” premiered today on Noisey. Watch and share the video here.

"This song is about how polyamory is a dead-end road when people attempting to participate in it aren’t willing to subscribe to the ‘rules and regulations’ of their own arrangements,” says Pimienta. “It’s a song about rejecting ownership of ‘the other’ when the most powerful person in the love triangle or hexagon or whatever expects you to be loyal to them but lose their shit when you act the same way as them. The words ‘You are mine’ can be romantic at times, but it’s also dangerous when the person telling you it believes it... No soy tuya = I don’t belong to you.

Known as “Colombian darling” and “Soundsister”, Lido Pimienta jumps back and forth between electronic beats, analogue synths and Afro-Colombian rhythms, to out-of-this-world chanting. The award-winning songwriter, lyricist, and improv virtuoso join PUP, Begonia, Casper Skulls, Pony, and Magic Giant as Audiotree North’s pilot artists.

The newly established, Audiotree North, is a partnership between Paquin Entertainment and Chicago-based Audiotree, whose mission is to create a multi-faceted artist discovery platform through unparalleled live performance formats. Audiotree North will celebrate their launch at Canadian Music Week, with a showcase on May 11th at the Horseshoe Tavern, featuring Ought, Casper Skulls, Begonia, Pkew Pkew Pkew and Pony. In addition to the showcase, Audiotree North is partnering with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) to present a pre-event celebration, open exclusively to conference delegates. Attendees will also have an opportunity to meet members of Audiotree, Audiotree North and TCS.