Cat Thompson Be Mine

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Submitted by Lance Wright

The latest single from Australian born singer/songwriter Cat Thompson, “Be Mine”, finds this talented young artist significantly expanding her reach with a powerful pop single and distinctly American flavour. She’s currently based out of the Los Angeles area as she records a forthcoming EP and the new cut follows up her most recent single “All I Need” in grand style while still giving listeners a sneak peek of what’s waiting for her fans with the upcoming release. Her willingness to work with talented producers like the Los Angeles based Khaled is another reason for her ascending that ladder of success and such collaborations are sure to realize her potential in a much faster way than might otherwise be possible. “Be Mine” poises her to become one of the next marquee pop icons and she exhibits the skills that mark artists of real staying power instead of fly by night performers pandering to a formula and only destined for short-term success.

Thompson is maturing more and more as performer and interpreter with each new release. She puts a lot of emotional capital into this one, reflected in every line, and the obvious care and nuance going into her performance raise already fine pop lyrics to an even higher level. “Be Mine” requires a singer who can manifest longing, desire, and its associated aches without ever straining for effect – Thompson is more than up to the job and we can hear hints, if we like, of what she’ll be increasingly capable of with each new release. You can hear her youth coming through in her voice, but there’s also a remarkable emotional depth she brings out of herself without much apparent effort and one can only speculate if the lyrical content is directly lifted from her own life or, even better, she has simply grown as an artist to the point she can identify through similar experiences and bring the song to life as if its story were her own on every level. Such singers are increasingly rare and there’s every evidence in this song that Cat Thompson is among their ranks.

The arrangement is largely filled with electronic instruments, but there are some key organic or analogue sounds in the mix that help key the song’s success. Piano accentuates the track’s obvious melodic strands, but there’s a balanced emphasis in this song on both melodic aspects and a thoroughly modern groove that physically provokes listeners to move without ever coming off too heavy-handed. One of the more surprising aspects of the song is how Thompson and her collaborators choose to never lay too much on listeners at once and, instead, focus much more on mood and providing Thompson with a stripped back arrangement allowing her a chance to show off her vocal talents. Nothing is gratuitous however instead, Cat Thompson’s “Be Mine” is an artful and infectiously memorable pop single with the potential to take Cat Thompson higher than ever before.