Hub Reynolds Jr: Hell I'm Just Me

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Submitted by Addison Coleman

Cool dude! "Hell I'm Just Me".... who the hell is Hub Reynolds Jr.....aside from the country artist who recently released his first hit single? After doing some research I've come to learn that the artist is an inventor of a leather marijuana holder, has lived in a box for 6 years in the parking lots of Walmart and Home Depot, without water or electric, befriended Hell's Angels, was stuck by Lightning, and can write and sing a song with the best of them.

"Hell I'm Just Me" is the first single from this unique soul. The track is an audacious and vibrant, captivating country song, probably a bit autobiographic, definitely catchy, and filled with inspiration. It's fun, it's light hearted, and radio friendly. This guy is going to make it just on spunk alone. The song is accompanied by a video just as magical and filled with energy as the song. His presence is addictive and I have no doubt there are many more songs from this artist that we are about to hear.

Despite the fact this artist was homeless for six years, he uses this as a vehicle to write his story. He's gone from a multi-millionaire in his own construction business, to several failed marriages, to living in a literal box to the height of believe it or not musical country and western journey. This is an artist to watch for, and a download to celebrate.

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“Hell I’m Just Me” is being re-released worldwide on May 10th, 2018

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