CMW & The Guild of Music Supervisors, Canada Present The 1st Annual Canadian Sync Awards

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Canadian Music Week began in 1981 and has grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most influential media and music conferences. It draws top industry professionals to participate in a four-day program of activities.

Designed to stimulate the exchange of market intelligence, increase dialogue and provide networking opportunities, Canadian Music Week continues to present the ideal platform for more than 3,000 national and international delegates.

2018 will mark CMW's 36th year, and is the single longest running multi-day Canadian music and media event. It manages to consistently bring together more than 3,000 music industry professionals for the week's events - combining conferences, award shows, & one of Canada’s biggest "New Music" festivals.

Always adding something new to the vast programme this year The Guild of Music Supervisors Canada Present The 1st Annual Canadian Sync Awards

Canadian Sync Awards 2018 Nominees

Best Sync - Promo
David Hayman: 'Ennio' by HUMANS, "Entanglement"
David Hayman: 'Walk Alone' by Time Copz, "Letterkenny" (Season 3)
Velma Barkwell: 'I'm On My Way' by The Proclaimers, "Mr. D, Season 7 Premiere"

Best Music Supervision - Interactive (Video Game/Mobile App/VR)
Cory Hawthorne: "FORM: Original Soundtrack"
David Hayman: "Sesqui Horizon: A 360° Symphony of Canada"
David Hayman: "Play-A-Coke"
Janesta Boudreau: "Planet Coaster & Jurassic World Evolution"

Best Sync - Episodic TV
Velma Barkwell: 'Never' by Moving Pictures, "Mr. D, 703"
Natasha Duprey: 'Paralyzer' by SUUNS, "Van Helsing, 207"
David Hayman: 'The Great Escape' by Emilie Ogden, "Saving Hope, 501"
David Hayman: 'Piano Man' by Billy Joel, "Nirvanna The Band Show, 1.05"
Michael Perlmutter: 'Heart of Glass' (Crabtree Remix) by Blondie + Glass, "The Handmaid's Tale, 103"
Mikaila Simmons, John Rowley: 'The Cave' by Matt Millz, "Mary Kills People, 105"

Best Sync - Commercial
David Hayman: 'Broken Wings' by Choir! Choir! Choir!, Honey Nut Cheerios - "Save The Bees"
David Hayman: 'Aline' by Christophe, Volkswagen Tiguan
Francois Lachance/Zaid Shoufan: 'Crazy Love', Van Morrison, IKEA - "Bottle It"
Heather Gardner: 'What The World Needs Now Is Love' by Sarah Blackwood, President's Choice "#EatTogether"
Warren Bray: 'Use Somebody' by East End Music Project's Children's Choir, Until The Last Child - "30,000 Is The Loneliest Number" 

Best Sync Team - Major Label and/or Major Publisher
Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Universal Music Canada Inc.
Warner Music Sync

Best Sync Team - Indie Label and/or Indie Publisher
Arts & Crafts Music
Nettwerk Music Group
Red Brick Songs-Casablanca Media
Third Side Music

Best Sync - Feature Film
David Hayman: 'Blame It On The Rain' by Milli Vanilli, "Don't Talk To Irene"
David Hayman: 'Heart & Soul' by T'Pau, "Don't Talk To Irene"
Natasha Duprey: 'After The Glow' by Jesse MacCormack, "The Show"
Natasha Duprey: '(You're A) Strange Animal' by Gowan, "Another Wolfcop"

Best Music Supervision - Feature or Documentary Film
Dan Mangan: "Canada In A Day"
David Hayman: "Don't Talk To Irene"
Dondrea Erauw: "Kiss & Cry"
Dondrea Erauw, Michael Perlmutter: "Blurred Lines: Inside The Art World"

Best Sync - Sports Program or Promo
Carson Illidge: 'Ooh La La' by The Faces, Hockey Night In Canada
Chris Black: 'Tell Me' by BROS, Toronto Blue Jays
David Hayman: 'Trainwreck 1979' by Death From Above 1979, Toronto FC
David Hayman: 'F.A.M.I.L.Y' by Hanni El Khatib, CFL
Phillip Rzentkowski: 'Why We Fight' by The Fast Romantics, NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Sync Artist or Songwriter of the Year
Grand Analog
Serena Ryder
The Tragically Hip
The Wilderness of Manitoba

Best Music Supervision - Scripted or Factual TV Production/Series
Andrea Higgins: "Wynonna Earp" (Season 2)
David Hayman: "Letterkenny" (Season 3)
David Hayman: "Saving Hope" (Season 5)
Dondrea Erauw: "Private Eyes" (Season 2)
Michael Perlmutter: "The Handmaid's Tale" (Season 1)
Mikaila Simmons, John Rowley: "Mary Kills People" (Season 1)

Please note that there is a link to review each Nominee's submission and, in a few categories, a document or two that includes some information that delves into the scope of the work that will aid you in determining your vote.

As these entries are audio/visual media, we ask that you spend a bit of time checking it all out!

Please vote for only ONE Nominee per category and hit the SUBMIT button after making your choice, category by category.

Voting deadline is Friday, May 4th, 11:59 pm.


Winners will be announced at the Awards on May 12th, 2018, 5-7 pm at The Dominion Ballroom.

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