Jiggley Jones Not Your Typical Day Out

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Submitted by James Olsen

Previously charting on the Roots music report, New Music Weekly Internet Country Charts, and many others with previous records, -Not Your Typical Day Out, by Jiggly Jones is destined to repeat that success and much more. Already spawning 70,000 streams on Spotify, the record is rapidly gaining major radio and music media interest day by day. Jiggley Jones epitomizes the spirit and talent of a true artist. And that’s just some of the press surrounding this fine album full of modern crossover and traditional folk and Americana songs.

“Danger Island” opens-up this recommended full-length album with a very hard to follow cut. This song is in the upper standings of the album for sure, with its jubilant delivery from Jones. The percussive intro reminds of hooves walking up a trail and you get the feeling wildlife is on the agenda. But you don’t get the full dose of the adventure until the third verse runs into the smooth vocals that fly over the words in just the right parts. The use of multi-instruments on this whole collection is worth noting, and they come on strong from the get-go and win you over before the second song even starts.

“Wide Awake” comes in with a bang and continues as if to be entertaining company, but this gets more intimate with Jones describing special things about someone in the morning time. “Vibrant” continues the ride with the most energetic track, so far. But it’s mostly in the backing arrangement with Jiggly Jones vocally dominate it. The use of harmonica and keys set this apart from the others so far, which makes this song a favourite for me.

“Del Alma” is without question one of the most well-written, arranged and produced tracks on the album. It’s a masterwork by Jones, as are several other songs on Not Your Typical Day Out. This is a song that checks out with the best notes of all to be heard on this fantastic release. It leads into “That Pearl” which almost comes close to topping it, but not quite. It’s one of the most eclectic tracks though and holds its place well among the other musical slices of beauty. It’s about seeing fools for what they really are. These two tracks really stick to the ears and showcase what the album is best for.

The album wears on with the same standards from beginning to end, with “Warm” coming in at just the right time to heat things back up, and this one does so by smouldering away with the mellowest cut of them all. The horns and violin interact with class on this beautiful song. But it’s not all light because there are some bursts of more incendiary nature that pep it up some. It deals with some awareness issues in the lyrics, but it’s the music on this one that reaches into some jazz territory and it’s a vital addition to the album along with “Grey” and “Flow” which go together like they were made to.

The album winds down with “Restless” and it’s yet another strong track from Jones, as he goes into the “Rain” and washes it all over you with nothing but the best of what he’s bringing on one of the coolest albums of 2018 yet, as over 70,000 listeners already know.

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