Parker Longbough: Left On Tri

Parker Longbough Left in Tri.png

Submitted by James Olsen

Left On Tri, by Parker Longbough, is the new album on Wilderhood Music, featuring the songwriting of former Uncle Jesse band member Matthew Witthoeft. After leaving that band, he began to perform with various band members under the name Parker Longbough. And the name sticks as is, and the third album has culminated into the best collection of songs PL have recorded to date. There's no denying the chops Witthoeft, from Alaska possesses and these songs are all living proof of his talents. The songs on Left On Tri were written in an Alaskan cabin, which no secret is made of when you hear them.

"RNC 2000"
hits home with any current or former college student any day of the week, making it a must hear for students as much or more as anyone else. But it's easy to relate to if you're educated enough to follow the wisdom and wit of Witthoeft which often goes into some country flavor to mix it up with the other forms of music he sings over.

The lyrics get more attention-worthy on the next track, " Jack Ryan" and you start to see what gas Parker Longbough are cooking with. If you like stories of stars and cocaine, this suits the bill just fine with a track to commemorate it with some deep curiosity covered.

"The Catcher" will grab you and not let go, with a song that most parents can relate to. These times bring out the subjects of not only the current landscape but memories of the past too, and this is all somehow reflective in this song. Even if you don't know what it's about, it's a haunting track and one of the highlights of the album.

The next one is also complete with more of the same feelings on "A Left On Tri" which represents the title cut and that is why it comes as no surprise at this juncture. Witthoeft reminds the listener he's "for real this time" and it cuts like a knife bleeding over from the previous song.

The album gets several degrees warmer on the magnificent "Infinite Zinn" which starts off sounding like a protest, but it turns out to be more of a eulogy. The album takes a break in the seriousness and adds a much-needed playful touch on this epic track that helps make the album so great.

It's so cool it's almost too much, but "Sophia Loren Look-Alike (Acoustic)" brings the cosmic sound back down to earth with a stripped back tune that sounds a lot like a dream involving a celebrity look-alike, complete with jealous remarks in the lyrics. The sense of humor found in the lyrics is what brings out the best in this album.

"Secret Santa" could take up a whole review itself and makes a great choice for one of the album's single if I were to suggest it makes the cut. The surrealism of this song is an example of Parker Longbough's ability to keep you hooked all the way through the album, as it winds down with a couple more gems and finishes another release with a critically good consensus that hopefully finds its way to the masses.