Moe Green’s Eye: Wasted

Moe Green.png

Submitted by Kim Muncie

In blissful sarcasm and epic riffs that draws us back to the heyday of giant grungy guitars, Moe Green’s Eye comes bursting through the noise and into center stage of the indie rock spectrum with their new single “Wasted,” out now everywhere music is sold. “Wasted” is blowing up the indie community from coast to coast, but it all started with the mammoth buzz they’ve been generating in the New York City club circuit. If you’re living on the island right now, this is probably not the first time that you’ve heard of Moe Green’s Eye, and if they keep the pace they’re setting with this latest track, it certainly won’t be the last.

Like all classic alternative rock songs, “Wasted” comes at us with an unabashed adrenaline that when taken apart consists of a pointed, though sincere, dialogue. And while this new song is hardly changing the world in its traditional verse/chorus structure, it’s certainly offering us something a little different than what we’ve become accustomed to in the last few years of rock music. The way I hear it, the commentary on “Wasted” starts with a pretty basic question; Will you let someone else decide for you? This is a question that applies fairly evenly throughout many aspects of our lives, from social to professional. As a society, we complain a lot about having a lack of control over the direction of our collective destiny, often even our own lives. Self-control is such a revered personal quality that the average American who doesn’t possess it will spend upwards of a million dollars trying to attain it in their lifetime (at least that’s what studies show). How complicit are we in allowing ourselves to be engrained with “drone” culture? How much do our actions make the case that we don’t really mind being told what to do or how to behave? When you analyze yourself closely, you might be startled by what you see.

Another crucial component in the message behind “Wasted” is the idea that no matter where you go or what you do in life, you can never truly run from who you really are. To go even further, when we finally give in to the identity that we tried to escape in the first place, the ecstasy of the moment can be so potent and powerful that we get lost in it, almost like an entranced zombie, once incapable of self-realization and then, out of nowhere and all at once, connected. It’s a tremendously dexterous and well thought out metaphor for this band’s long hiatus from recording professionally, and I must say, having them return to their roots is a fantastic experience to bask in.

While Moe Green’s Eye might not be fodder for fans of more pop-minded punk and rock music, there’s no debating that when it comes to finding a solid jam that digs deep and still quakes with the bass, this New York crew are definitely the ones to see. I know I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on their progress in the years to come.