Scott Smith I Will Love You

Scott Smith Igniting the Flame.png

Submitted by Thomas Patton, III

“Let me take you to a place that’s true, let me show you where it is, leave your thoughts behind, whatever’s on your mind, let me take you there” Scott Smith sings to us in “I Will Love You,” alerting us to the impending sonic and lyrical journey that he’s taking us on in this captivating new ballad from the California-based singer/songwriter. With an uplifting, gentle rhythm that recalls some of the shinier gems in 1960’s folk/pop, “I Will Love You” is one of the cheerier songs I’ve reviewed this year, and it’s a stark contrast from much of the dreary and frim content on Top 40 radio right now.

Scott Smith isn’t singing about sex and drugs or fame and excess, he’s singing about being in love, making the life that we want, and living every day like it’s our last. And I have got to say, this is probably the most important message that needs to get out to the American masses this summer. How tumultuous of a year has this been for our country, and moreover, our culture? We’ve seen such an outpouring of hatred, discord and division among what a lot of us once believed to be an unbreakable strong nation. There is so much violence and disruption to our everyday attempts to live in peace, and now more than ever we need something from the stronger members of our artistic community to get us through all of this mayhem and into much better days ahead.

Even though I’ve never met him, I like Scott a lot, because he knows that my aforementioned statement is our reality, and he’s here to answer the call to make music for a troubled world. He’s the real deal, and in “I Will Love You,” he reassures us that he isn’t going anywhere, not now and not in the future, all by conveying a very plain, earnest tone that speaks to the calmer, more bucolic side of our souls. The B-side to “I Will Love You,”Spinning Around,” takes us on a slightly different, reflective path lyrically than its companion, but ultimately takes us drifting towards the same narrative. It’s a worthy song to follow up the main single, as it shows off the versatility that Scott Smith has a songwriter in being able to look forward into the future just as easily as he can look back into the retrospective. That’s something that a lot of composers convince themselves that they can do, but few actually are able to pull off with any sort of genuineness. It makes me very eager to hear his upcoming Igniting the Flame EP which is also due out this summer, just in time to get into regular rotation on specialty and college radio stations from coast to coast.

There’s a real demand for this type of content in radio and in music in general right now, and one has to wonder if the stars are falling into perfect alignment for Smith or if he’s had these moves planned for his career all along.