April 2010

Sandro Dominelli – The Alvo Sessions

Sandro Dominelli
CD Review by Bill McDonald

The Alvo Sessions is the most recent addition to Sandro Dominelli’s growing discography. Like his previous recordings, this CD is comprised of a combination of his own compositions and some interpretations of those by other artists. Also, like some of his other recordings, he does not draw strictly from the “jazz world”. In this case, the Alvo Sessions includes Chris Issak’s “Wicked Games” and Keith Jarrett’s “Personal Mountains”.

Accompanied by Rez Abbasi (guitar) and Chris Tarry (electric bass), Dominelli offers up a number of interesting tracks. The common theme throughout all is the balanced interplay between the three musicians and an eastern atmosphere underscored by Abbasi’s guitar.

Highlights include the version of “Wicked Games”. Like the original, the melody is presented in a simple, clean fashion with as much importance placed on space as the line itself. The guitar solo keeps true to this premise, offering only slightly more density. This contrasts nicely with the following track, “Number 11” with musical complexity from both guitar and bass and driving rhythms from the drums.

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Burn The Floor – It’s a Full-on Inferno!

Burn The Floor
By Natasha Slinko

If you want to have your heart pumping and your foot tapping, and want to feel like jumping out of your seat and dancing, then the high energy Burn the Floor is a must see.
On opening night at the Canon Theatre, audience clapped and stamped and gave this incredible show and cast three standing ovations.

With more than twenty dancers of incredible caliber, some of which were participants in the super craze of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ world-wide - from Russian with Love, to the sultry beat of Venezuela, to incredible talent from Germany, Latvia, the UK, to down under Aussieland, and of course the USA. Also joining the cast, are headliners such as Latvian Anya Garnis and Russian Pasha Kovalev (USA So You Think You Can Dance) to the elegance and grace of Australian couple, Damon and Rebecca Sugden, who took your breath away.

Two drummers/percussionists, Joseph Malone and Giorgio Rojas, filled the back of the stage and kept the flow and beat of the show moving at a high-speed pace. The cast was also joined by two very talented singers, Mig Ayesa and Rebecca Tapia, whose voices filled the air and added that extra little bit that made the show even more entertaining. The music was hypnotic and the orchestra didn’t miss a beat.