December 2010

The Worthy Dozen 2

Cover Dec 31, 2010

 Story:Cashbox Canada


Here we go with The Worthy Dozen Part Two.


In no particular order, except that they all deserve the attention, here’s the second  six pack of twelve hearing-worthy Canadian albums whose release may have flown under your personal radar. 


Happy New Year 2011.



Kate & Anna McGarrigle


Outside Music

This collection of rarities and B-sides offers a dozen songs Kate and Anna recorded between 1973 and 1990 but never previously released or released in alternate versions. Arriving shortly after Kate passed on, this recording stands as fitting testimony to the sterling contributions the McGarrigles have made to Canadian music.

The Publisher’s Message

Cashbox Canada Logo

As Cashbox Canada moves into 2011 and the second year of its existence, we would like to thank our readers, advertisers, friends, curious browsers and music fans of all types for their support.


If there’s no audience there’s no show and over the last year, we’ve seen a 27% increase in our readership, which says we must be doing some things right.

In the coming year, we plan on building on those things, with the assistance of an expanded staff in the editorial and advertising departments.


In 2011 Cashbox Canada remains committed to bringing you the widest spectrum look at the Canadian music scene. Cashbox Canada is where you go not only for the big rah rah but for the music that flies below the radar. 


In 2011 we’re hoping we can count on your support both on the editorial and advertising fronts in helping Cashbox Canada carry out its mandate of support and encouragement for all types of Canadian music.


Happy New Year and all the best in 2011.


Bill Delingat Publisher/CEO

Sandy Graham Publisher/Editor in Chief

Lenny Stoute Editor


Montreal's Underground Realroad Featured On Brockway Ent. 2011 Canadian Rap Superstars

Brockway Entertainment

In continuing with their annual holiday tradition, Brockway Entertainment has compiled their 22 favourite Canadian rap tracks of 2010 and packed them all onto one album. Montreal's very own Underground Realroad  has been selected for the compilation with their track Be Who U-R feat. Miss Tee from their debut release "Slave To The Game".


"We're truly honoured to have our song selected for this incredible and very talented compilation that showcases Canada's rising rappers." commented Underground Realroad's Bricc.

The 2011 Canadian Rap Future Superstars compilation is a non-profit initiative aimed at providing exposure for up-and-coming Canadian rap artists.  The album can be downloaded and ordered for free from .

The diverse 2011 compilation features 34 Canadian artists, 8 Canadian DJs and 17 Canadian beatmakers, spanning 10 Canadian cities from Halifax, NS to Victoria, BC. Brockway Entertainment increased its community collaboration in 2010 as Moncton’s Nayles (provided the album design, and Montreal’s Asher Media Relations  will be providing publicity assistance again this year.


The 2011 track listing features:

GPS-Get Professional Songs

Music City Logo

Story: Keith Bradford


I prefer to say that GPS stands for GET PROFESSIONAL SONGS instead of global positioning system.  You have worked hard getting a budget together, picking out your favourite recording studio, scheduled the best studio musicians you can get and the day of the session has arrived.  It is time to make those songs of yours shine.  


But what good is it to shine an old car that won't run?  Or to pour perfume on a pig?  The best producer in the world may be able to get you a mild hit with an inferior song but most likely these days he may not even be able to do that much.  There is an old saying, "A great song doesn't care who sings it."  It is no longer acceptable to have a good song to record.  Nowadays you must have GREAT songs.  


The competition for airplay and subsequent sales is more demanding now than it has ever been in the history of making records.  The only time it was any harder than it is right now was during World War II.  Get professional songs before spending your money. If you want any chance at all for success on your recordings it is imperative you find the best songs available.  


The Music Business, YA GOTTA LUV IT.

The Writing Is On The Wall

Music City Logo

By Keith Bradford


The old saying, "The writing is on the wall," of course does not refer to words written on a wall.  "The writing on the wall" (or "the handwriting on the wall" or "the writing's on the wall"), an idiom, is a portent of doom or misfortune. It originates in the Biblical book of Daniel—where supernatural writing foretells the demise of the Babylonian Empire. The phrase is widely used in language and literature.


Basically any gesture spoken or otherwise can be intended as a wake up call.  For example if your boss comes up to you this year and asks if you would like to play Santa Claus at the annual company Christmas party, then you might want to consider losing some weight.  In the music business if your band leader suggests lowering the key on certain songs in your repertoire, it is a pretty good indication that you are no longer hitting the high notes. Many times the recipient does not see these things as the writing on the wall but rather a slam or put down. 


If the engineer tells you at a recording session, "You might want to check your tuning," more often than not the musician will say I just checked it with  the tuner and it's fine.  You can't look up on the wall and see a bunch of writing giving you a blueprint for life but you can watch and listen for tell tale signs.