September 2011

Michelle Wright Inducted into The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame

Michelle Wright and Johnny Reid show off their goodies.

[Photo:Michelle Wright and Johnny Reid show off their goodies.]

This past Sunday, September 11, the Canadian Country Music Association honoured its 2011 Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductees at a special gala dinner and award ceremony. Michelle Wright, this year's Artist inductee, was recognized for her outstanding contributions to Canada's country music landscape.

Canadian born Michelle Wright has drawn rave reviews for her powerful voice over the last two decades. Selling nearly two million albums in North America and enjoying an international career, she is the first Canadian artist in the modern era of country music to have a Top Ten hit in America (Take It Like A Man, 1992) and a Number One video on CMT-USA.

"What a tremendous honour. I deeply appreciate this recognition and am so very proud to have had the opportunity to represent Canada across the globe through my music," said Michelle Wright of her induction. "I have been blessed, and continue to be blessed, with a wonderful career. My thanks go out to the CCMA, my fans and industry friends, Brian Ferriman (my manager of more than 25 years), my outstanding team, and my husband, Marco, for helping make this recognition possible."

Alyssa Rubino Splashes onto the Scene!

Alyssa Rubino

Most teenagers are wondering what they are going to do when they grow up however Alyssa Rubino had already made up her mind at the young age of ten.  Flash forward three years later with 2 hit singles, major media coverage, and a growing fan base Alyssa Rubino is well on her way to achieve her goal of becoming a recording artist and performer.

Supporting her on the way to stardom is her Producer/Songwriter/Dad Danny Rubino who has encouraged the teen starlet to pursue her dreams.  Together with Trust Chen Pow the trio can be found writing together in the studio.  Trust Chen Pow has been a major influence on Alyssa helping her prepare for performances and developing her musical talents.  Under the name of Producers  oNe this production team has created hit singles that has taken the Billboard Dance charts by storm.  

Another strong influence on Alyssa Rubino was the late Josey Santos from G1E Productionz based out of Orlando Florida.  As an inspiration and mentor to Danny & Alyssa Rubino, Josey was always overlooking Alyssa’s developing talent and was constantly providing a helping hand to the father/daughter duo. With Josey losing his battle with cancer last year Danny & Alyssa plan to take all he’s given them and take it to the next level.  As Alyssa says, “I’ve got my guardian angel in heaven watching…”

The Power of Music


Story:Bill Delingat

Song soothes sorrow and we all know that well.

When a child cries the mother is often brought to rocking and singing a song to soothe the tearful eyes of the vulnerable child that slowly relaxes into a deep comforting sleep. Babes in arms.

With the tragic events of 9/11 being ten years past, the writer looked at the various ways people expressed their sorrows looking for closure and truth after all these years.

One performer stuck out with her new phase on her journey through life and there we found a song. "You Gotta Believe" Parvati is a unique performer, bringing her messages to the public through her songs and unique performances; she has been the first at making her visions and dreams a reality to share with the children of "Mother Earth". Cashbox has not only watched her shows but also her adventures, documenting her trip to the North Pole and the first concert performed on the barren but beautiful wasteland.

Parvati performs a song she wrote for 9/11. 10 years ago. Parvati was at the piano, she was called by her father to see the twin towers fall live. Filled with emotion she went back to the piano and this song "You Gotta Believe" was born. She sang this song at Madison Square Garden and is currently working on a studio release

SEAN KELLY: Where The Wood Meets The Wire

Sean Kelly

Opening Day/Universal Music

It's exciting to watch an artist mature and evolve as we have with guitarist Sean Kelly. He's progressed from  the salad days of T-Rexian glam rock via his band Crash Kelly, side project 69 Duster (with Images In Vogue's Dale Martindale) and Guns 'n Roses' Gilby Clarke, to being the bassist with Canadian heavy metal act Helix and, more recently, touring guitarist for Nelly Furtado.

While most rock musicians get their formal training emulating the music of their heroes, Kelly received his in classical guitar from Eli Kassner (student of Segovia). So the concept of a rock guitarist making his solo debut on classical guitar isn't that far removed from Kelly's roots. This is Classical album number three for the young guitarist, having released a Christmas album and "The #1 Classical Guitar Album" as warm-ups.

On 'Where The Would Meets The Wire', Kelly takes a cue from Liona Boyd's more pop-oriented approach to the classics by augmenting traditional classical solo workouts (Tarrega's "Capricho Arabe", Sanz's "Pavane" and Mertz's "Nocturne") with full instrumental arrangements on pieces like Sanz's "Espanoleta" and Barrios' "La Catedral' suite using modern devices such as programmed backing tracks and keyboards courtesy of co-producer Craig McConnell.

: 11 Steps

11 Steps