June 2012

Meet the Jukebox Folks of Playa Cofi and Tropical Glen !


Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Playa Cofi is a beautiful beach and a tropical glen on the small Caribbean Island of Vieques.  It is sometimes referred to as one of the Spanish Virgin Islands because it is located between the US Virgin Islands and the "Big Island" of Puerto Rico.

Our music collection was started as a hobby to fill some of the quiet retirement hours.  The selections were pulled together from a variety of sources over a number of years. Then they were arranged to provide the most listening pleasure for a few of us in a given age group.  Along the way we learned how to compress the music files and how to place them in playlists on an open website to share our musical heritage more widely. We have been scrambling to keep up with demand ever since.

Gavin Slate Brews New Video Concept

Gavin Slate Life As A Salesman.jpg

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

You could call it a double-shot of Gavin. When talented Toronto musician Gavin Slate learned renegade Windsor film maker Gavin Michael Booth would be in Toronto for NXNE he decided he would be the perfect choice to direct his new video. Slate was performing at the festival as a musician and Booth had a documentary accepted at the NXNE Film Festival.

The concept was simple. “I am a huge fan of Starbucks and what they have done for the music community” says Slate. “As a consumer I visit the chain three or four times a week and totally believe in their customer service, as well as their products”. With no manager, no record company or no publishing company Slate had little chance of landing one of the illustrious “Pick of the Week” placements in the chain of coffee shops so he took matters into his own hands. Armed with a great new Colin Cripps produced song, “Life As A Salesman”, and a little computer magic, Slate produced his own free digital download cards and spent a day driving around Toronto placing the cards on counters and in empty “Pick Of The Week” bins.

The results can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w6hzdcJaQ8


To learn more about Gavin Slate, upcoming shows and your own free download of “Life As A Salesmen” please visit www.gavinslate.com.

Interview requests can be directed to: Cameron Carpenter Cam@coolplanet.ca

Don Grady of My Three Sons Had Musical Career


Don Grady passed away after a long battle with cancer at the age of 68.  Most people associate Don Grady only with his acting credits, which include a period in the late '50s spent as a Disney Mouseketeer and a long-running stint as Robbie Douglas, the character he played for a dozen years on the television sitcom My Three Sons during the '60s and early '70s. But how many  realize that the actor had a musical career both during and after his My Three Sons days ?

Justin Bieber: Believe



Check it as da Beeb takes his first steps out on the slippery yellow brick road to adulthood, hopefully with career intact.So cue slick arrangements, transitional lyrics and the standard mix of comfy ballads and club bangers.

It’s a soft shuffle onto the glory road laid out for the other Justin, when Timberlake had to make the transition from teen idol to cougar bait. It had to be soft, as befits any testing of the waters, especially as the Beeb’s pipes still have that kiddie warble.

Likewise with the lyrics, which handle the burgeoning sex thing via the most PG of sentiments, studded with wistful looks and hopes to “touch your body”.

While on the surface it might seem a slam-dunk, the Bieber posse did a savvy job with this most important stepping-stone of an album.

From the brand-buffing guest stars,  Ludacris (“I love everything about you / You’re imperfectly perfect”), Big Sean (“I don’t know if this makes sense, but you’re my hallelujah”), Nicki Minaj and especially Drake, whose contributions are likewise warm and fuzzy as the ones quoted, this thing’s designed to hug and kiss Bieber’s teenycore audience. Both only as friends, ‘kay?

In this regard, “Maria” stands out like a cold sore on Selena Gomez as the only ‘adult’ track on the album. It’s crafted as a slapdown to the woman who accused Bieber of fathering her child in 2011 and comes off as an opportunistic rip on “Billie Jean.” This one leaves a sourish aftertaste and probably won’t see singlehood.

Canadian Eh?

Bieber and Curtola - Canadian Teen Idols.jpg

By Don Graham

Photo: Justin Bieber and Bobby Curtola

With today’s internet access and instant information highway, we pretty much know everything about celebrities and music stars the minute they become famous. We know the Canadian stars intimately now, birthdays, birthplace and in depth history. Music stars of today such as Michael Buble, Justin Beiber, Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Drake are known to the world as Canadian exports. But what about some others that were well known in the industry but not everyone knew their nationality?  Not everyone knew that pioneer country rock band Buffalo Springfield had two Canadians, Neil Young and bassist Bruce Palmer. That lead singer Denny Doherty, of legendary Mamas and Papas, was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Back in the fifties and sixties Canadians bringing pride to their homeland were Hank Snow and later Bobby Curtola, and The Beaumarks with “Clap Your Hands”, but a great golden oldie “Little Darlin’” was made a hit by Canadian vocal group The Diamonds.

Four members of Toronto’s St Michael’s Choir School, who later became The Crew-Cuts  had an international hit with “Sh- Boom.”