January 2013

Interview with Chloe Charles-Living for The Balance


Submitted by Lenny Stoute

On a warm and damp January afternoon, Chloe Charles is working away in a café with a serious noise level. Not the environment you’d expect the singer/songwriter’s sensitive pieces to be born in. But then again, the lady doesn’t care much for meeting expectations.

“ I’m definitely not the sensitive songwriter type. I actually work best with a lot of noise and activity around me.”That’s likely the result of growing up in a large musical family, which includes one Cynthia Lennon as stepmom.In her teens, Chloe’s father married into a musical dynasty when he became the husband of Cynthia and stepfather of Julian Lennon. Becoming Lennon’s stepsister provided Chloe with an uncommon picture of the world and the place of celebrity within it, while firming up a passion to create and follow her own muse.

Full credit, she rarely deals with this unless it’s brought up and it likely doesn’t have much to do with her music, except, as she has noted, to introduce her to the universality of music at a formative stage in her life.

Buddy Holly The Levee Isn’t Dry and the Music Didn’t Die


Submitted by Don Graham

It’s over half a century since that fateful winter night in Iowa when Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens fell from the cold sky and into rock ‘n’ roll pop culture mythology.  It’s hard to believe that 54 years have passed since Buddy contacted Dwyer Flying Services and rented the plane for $36 a person. This event is still shrouded in lies, rumours and Hollywood drama.
We will likely never know all the facts. Was Maria Elena really pregnant? People on the tour say Buddy never mentioned it and there are no doctors reports to verify it. Did Buddy need cash because Norman Petty was withholding money? Not likely, He had received over $20,000 in royalties not long before his death. And that’s $ 20,000 in 1959 dollars, when a bottle of coke was a nickel and the admission to the Surf Ballroom that night was $1.25.

The Big Bopper was found some 40 feet from the plane causing speculation that perhaps he had survived the crash and went looking for help? In March 2007 his body was being moved and his son requested an autopsy to see the cause of death. It was determined that every bone in his body was broken and he died instantly. His weight likely propelled him from the plane. 

Alberta Country Music Association Awards 2013


Submitted by Cashbox Canada

The 2nd Annual ACMA Awards Show & Dinner was held on Sunday January 27th, 2013 in Red Deer, Alberta.
The ACMA has a commitment to develop, nurture and promote Alberta Country Music and its artists, and to support the Alberta Country Music Industry and its Alberta based companies to the best of their abilities.

The 2013 Winners of the ACMA Awards were:
Female Artist of the Year: Tennille
Male Artist of the Year : Bobby Wills

Group/Duo of the Year: PEAR

Fan's Choice: Tennille

Talent Buyer of the Year: Panhandle Productions

Industry Person of the Year: Bill Hanson

Canada has a growing pool of talented country artists, and events like this one are proof that country music is alive and well in our country. Kudos and Congratulations to you all! Keep it comin’ !

Just after winning the 2013 ACMA Group of the Year!!! Thanks to all who voted! We are floored!!!Just after winning the 2013 ACMA Group of the Year!!! Thanks to all who voted! We are floored!!!

Street Named in Toronto For Blue Rodeo

Blue Rodeo.jpg

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Blue Rodeo, who broke decades ago with the hit ‘Try’ will be making municipal history by having a new street opened up and named after them, aptly called Blue Rodeo Drive.

Blue Rodeo Dr. will run north-south along the eastern side of the new Bridgepoint Hospital, at Gerrard Street and Broadview Avenue, connecting Jack Layton Way, a new east-west street on the south side of the hospital, to the future Bridgepoint Dr. at the north end.

The band has “deep, deep routes in Riverdale,” said Councillor Paula Fletcher (Ward 30, Toronto-Danforth), explaining the choice. “Their studio and agent are located in Riverdale. Jim Cuddy is in Riverdale. Blue Rodeo is “a band that connects a lot of people through their great music, and the street will connect a lot of people as they go through the newly revitalized site,” said Fletcher. “Sometimes we don’t pay enough homage to our musicians, and it’s great to thank them for their tremendous music.”

Woody’s ESP and Alter Ego Delivers The Music

Alter Ego.png

Submitted by Bill Delingat

How many times have you been in a conversation and someone asked “Hey, whatever happened to…?” If you were talking about music and some of your favourite hitmakers of the past, chances are they are playing the Conference and Convention Circuit.

Corporate conventions have become a multi-million dollar yearly industry, serving the new business sessions, awards ceremonies, the medical/scientific and educational world with new product launches, exhibits, seminars and speaker forums. Major hotels offer full services to the inbound attendees and facilities such as the Metro Toronto Convention Centre offers millions of square feet of display area and state of the art ballrooms for these sessions and special events.

The guests are wined and dined at the closing Gala Dinner while the hosting company’s speakers take the podium. You never know at some of these events who will appear, it could be Gladys Knight and the Pips, Blue Rodeo or even Stevie Wonder who  has rocked the house at some of these private functions. Unless you were invited you wouldn’t even know the stars were in town. One person that does know and is a common figure often seen rushing from the green room, backstage, up to the sound board or waiting for a limousine to arrive is Elwood Saracuse, better known as Woody.

ESP, Elwood Saracuse Productions is one of the top producers of corporate and private events, supplying Canadian and International Headliners from music, comedy, specialty artists and even Circus acts.