July 2013

Chris Velan: The Long Goodbye


New Song Recordings

Bad news for any of y’all working on the ultimate breakup album. It’s just been done to the hilt on The Long Goodbye. Velan’s one for digging deep in his subject matter, usually managing to drape his lyrics in catchy, world beat inflected arrangements. This un’ s all about getting stuff off the Velan chest and dude has lots to get rd of.

As befitting the album’s narrow focus, that being the post-breakup break apart, the music is stripped way, way down, bringing no good news and no place to hide from Velan’s brutal soul-baring. This is a tough listen in one go and if you’re in a good relationship it’s probably not the best album for hanging on the couch with your baby.

Hard and cold it may be at most times but the boy can spin a tale that’ll turn lonesome me into the lone man standing. The fact that Velan plays most of the instruments himself adds to the ‘last stand’ feeling, the only element of any hope loitering around the project. That comes out to play most forcefully on 'Gorgeous Morning’ but even as the echoes of hope are still faint in your mind, he drops the dire fatalism of ‘Did We Ever Have A Chance.” and it’s back to painting it black.

This is a collection of songs so intimate and cathartic they’re best appreciated by listeners in a similar state of mind.

Lenny Stoute

News Bits ‘n’ Bytes


Young South London singer/songwriter Maddy Carty is the hottest thing on the Brit reggae scene. Next step is to blow up across the water and come July 28, we can all catch a taste of new single ‘Get It Right.’ The track is produced by Chris Peckings (recently voted Best British Reggae Producer at the British Reggae Industry Awards 2013), and is already being supported by David Rodigan on his BBC Radio 1Xtra show.

To download an mp3 of ‘Get It Right’, go to: we.tl/P38ZSZ0HEa

To download ‘Get It Right’ remix feat. Babyboom, please go to:we.tl/sl7gHxFskQ

This weekend the inaugural Country in the Woods Music Festival kicks off in Parry Sound, ON. The all-Canadian lineup goes like so:

Friday, July 26 - Jason McCoy, Tim Hicks, Tonya Kennedy, Larry Berrio, Chelsea Crites, Celine Tellier, Celine Cascanette
Saturday, July 27- Doc Walker, Marshall Dane, Carly Jo, Kersene Creek, Stacey Zegers, Rory Gardiner, Shelly Rastin, The Reklaws,
Sunday, July 28 - Gil Grand, Billy J White, Ty Banton, Steven Mathews, The  Haybirds

Radio, Radio with Andrew Forsyth From CHOM to Now

Andrew Forstyth CHOM 1975.jpg

Submitted by Michael Williams
Photo: Andrew Forstyth CHOM 1975

With Radio, Radio, I hope to keep an active a conversation going about radio - a look at where it has been and where it is (or could be) going....

This week I spoke with another Montrealer, former CHOM FM DJ turned radio consultant, Andrew Forsyth. Who better to interview about radio’s glorious past, present, future and the Quebec

Star system? Andrew & I met through a few of my  favorite broadcasters, Geoff Sterling and Doug and Mary Kirk of Durham Radio Inc.

MW: What was the beginning of Chom Fm with Geoff Sterling like?
AF: I was at CHOM FM in the mid-70’s so several incarnations of CHOM FM had already happened. I was in the ripple with Les Sole, Peggy Colston-Weir, Bob Beauchamp and Serge Plaisance, just after Earl Jive (a Hudson Quebec neighbour who I worked with at CFCF) and Terry McElligott among others.  I recall hearing the launch of what was to become CHOM FM with Doug Pringle in 1968. It was truly free form – free spirited not only musically but personality-wise as well; a sharp contrast to the Top 40 on AM at CFOX and CKGM. To name a few, Reiner Schwartz, Dave Marsden, Angus Mackay, Andre Rheaume, Dave Patrick…there were many announcers (ring masters) who made listening to the radio a new experience. You got on the train and you didn’t know where it would stop. I knew Geoff best when I went out to start up OZ-FM – the son of CHOM FM – in Newfoundland. That is a story unto itself.

Paul McCartney Gives Back to Canada and Quebec

Paul McCartney Raises Money for Quebec Tragedy Victims.jpg

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Paul McCartney Photo Credit Francois Leger 

Paul McCartney paid a fitting tribute to the victims of the Lac-Megantic train wreck tragedy victims, offering free tickets and dedicating a song to the survivors.  The Ex-Beatle received his longest ovation when  he dedicated his song ‘Let It Be’ to the crowd of 40,000 gathered on Quebec City’s Plains of Abraham.  Paul introduced the song in English and finished off with the dedication in French, much to the delight of the crowd. The idea of free tickets was presented to the McCartney team by the promoter  and was quickly agreed upon. The concert was part of McCartney’s Out There Tour.

The Specials Live in Toronto

The Specials.jpeg

Submitted by Ian Robertson

The night of July 9th 2013, I got a late, but happy notice from the concert promoters that I’d be able to see the legendary 2 tone ska band, The Specials (known for bringing the 2nd wave of ska back in style in  the late 70's/early 80's). It was my first time going to a concert alone since I wasn't able to get anybody to come with me but I also wasn't about to bail on seeing them (I’ve luckily seen them twice before in 2010). Walking through the Kool Haus crowd of middle aged people wearing fedoras, creepers and sun dresses, I got the feeling I was the youngest person there (being 20), which makes sense considering the band’s success started before I was born.