October 2013

Proudly Canadian: Scott ‘Professor Piano’ Cushnie

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

The late 1970’s in Toronto had so much live music venues it was hard to know which one to go to any night of the week. Edgerton’s, Larry’s Hideaway, Hotel California, The Jarvis House, The Ports of Call, The Limelight, Alistairs all had great bands to enjoy.

This was the time Scott Cushnie and his band of great players Terry Wikins, Bucky Berger, Mitch Lewis all made up a great band called The Rockin’ Deltoids featuring Professor Piano, a name he was given a long time ago because of his incredible knowledge of music, combining jazz standards, original songs, ragtime written before the turn of the century, and the best boogie woogie you could possibly hear comes from those incredible hands on the keys. Later they would add the female vocalists who were aptly called The Honolulu Heartbreakers and the Canadian Aces were ‘born’.)

Win Tickets to ‘Selling England by the Pound’ in Toronto!

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Submitted by Cashbox Canada

‘Selling England By the Pound’ was the fifth studio album from prog rock pioneers Genesis. It was released on 12 October 1973 to an England in the grip of a recession with widespread unemployment and street gangs nightly brawling in violent turf wars. (‘The Battle Of Epping Forest’).

Forty years later, as England struggles with a sagging economy and ongoing social unrest, this Genesis classic remains as relevant as ever.

Now hailed as a masterpiece of prog rock, it followed the Foxtrot album and reached a new commercial high for the band, peaking at #3 in the UK, where it remained on the charts for 21 weeks. It also marked a major breakthrough in critical acceptance on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2012, the album ranked seventh in Rolling Stone's "Readers' Poll: Your Favorite Prog Rock Albums of All Time". It was also included in IGN’s list of "10 Classic Prog Rock Albums" in 2008. "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" was Genesis' first single to receive any sort of chart action, hitting No.21 in the UK in April 1974.

Ontario Government Officially Launches Ontario Music Fund

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Submitted to Cashbox Canada

The new Ontario Music Fund has been officially launched by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport Michael Chan, at an event held at Revolution Studios in Toronto.

MusicOntario & CIMA have been engaging the government throughout the spring and summer on the details of the fund, which were made public following today’s announcement. Full details on each fund are now live at the OMDC website:http://www.omdc.on.ca/music/the_ontario_music_fund.htm.
The $45 million (over three years) Ontario Music Fund is divided into four streams, administered through the Ontario Media Development Corp. (OMDC) via a competitive application process. The four streams each support different industry activities. Importantly, many of these funds have different eligibility and funding restrictions for domestic and multinational record labels:

• The Music Company Development Fund will provide assistance to companies with annual revenues of over $100,000. Domestic companies will be able to access funds for recording, marketing, touring and business development activities, while multinationals will be able to apply for Ontario-based recording activities and marketing of domestic artists. Eligible companies must contribute 50% of all eligible costs, with maximum funding available for a single company will be $1.5 million.Deadline: December 9th, 2013.

Billy J White Saturday Night


Submitted by Don Graham

Burlington, Ontario’s Billy J White is riding high in the saddle these days, primed to make his big breakthrough in the highly competitive country music market. White has learned the valuable lesson that will give him a great chance at success. Billy has learned the importance and value of having a team around and behind him. “I have great and talented people behind me, from consulting, to radio tracking to experienced advisors in the business. Talent is of course the most important element but then you need the folks around you to maximize your efforts.”

Billy’s current single “Saturday Night”  and the accompanying video are set to take the world by storm and this could be the single that breaks big time for the young singer/songwriter. I co-wrote this with a couple of buddies and it really does capture they way all feel. We’re young and full of fire and our lives like one big Saturday night!”  The song is a hard driving modern country tune with the screaming guitar lies and pure country vocals and clever well thought out lyrics.  Should be a hit. Billy has just embarked on a radio tour out west and can’t wait to hit the road with his band in support of this record.

White’s musical influences include Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Craig Morgan, and Tracy Byrd and his songwriting skills are up there with the best. Asked, what comes first the melody or the lyrics, the scales tip toward the lyrics as “songs are always in my head.”

All But 6ix


Submitted by Sandy Graham

When All But 6ix arrived on our review desk, it was one of those refreshing moments when I remembered why I am in this business to start with – the music. Then the next surprise reading the press release from long time radio/press guru, Yvonne Valnea at Last Tango Productions, were the two names of Dwight Druick and Kirk Lorange.

I had the pleasure of playing Druick and Lorange in high rotation on CJFM in the mid-1970’s and their songs were brilliant. Compared at the time to America (Horse With No Name was getting heavy airplay ) the vocals and harmonies were way ahead of their time and the rich guitar playing was right in line with the country rock era that was just starting to explode.

So now here are these two guys names again – this time with a new offering under the direction of the now Kingston-based Montreal Dwight Druick heading up All But 6ix. This is a great CD to offer old fans and new ones yet to discover them.

‘Saving Grace’ leads off the first track on the CD, and you get a feeling that this will be a jazz offering, but the guitars are still pulling you in with finger squeaks et al, and a love song to boot. ‘Honey Dew’ almost has the Taj Mahal/Dr. John feel to it, ‘It’s Only Love’ brings it back home to the acoustic sound that made these guys get attention back then with great vocals, ‘In Another Time’ sounds like one of those bluesy, intimate songs that adds some great percussion to bring it all together, ‘If I Wonder’ has great rhyming patterns with the lyrics and true Dwight Druick style.