April 2014

Deon Jackson Love Makes The World Go Round

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Jackson was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He performed in vocal groups and as a soloist while he attended Ann Arbor High School, and was signed by producer Ollie McLaughlin while still in school. Ollie McLaughlin was known for launching the career of Barbara Lewis with the hit ‘Baby I’m Yours’. His first single was his own "You Said You Love Me", followed by "Come Back Home"; both were regional hits in his native Michigan.

Jackson toured heavily on the local club circuit before releasing his next record, 1966's "Love Makes the World Go Round" on Carla Records. The tune became a major pop hit, and a full-length album was released subsequently on Atco Records. Although he has been referred to as a "one hit wonder", Jackson had two more successful singles and recorded until the end of the decade, but then faded from view, living and performing in the Chicago area as a popular performer in the clubs and legacy circuit.

After leaving the entertainment industry, Jackson became a teacher and counselor in the Wheaton, Ill., school district. A personal remembrance posted on an online bulletin board said that Jackson never told his students about his past fame until they found an early performance on YouTube.

Deon Jackson died on April 18, 2014 at the age of 68.

Love Makes the World Round
Deon Jackson



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Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Magic. When something is meant to be, you just know it immediately. It's as if there was a divine plan or universal synergy fusing the right elements together at the right time for the right situation. That's the feeling Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Nasri experienced the first time MAGIC! jammed. During a writing session in 2012, he heard collaborator and guitarist Mark Pelli strum a reggae-tinge riff, and something clicked.

"I'm a huge fan of The Police, and I always wanted to do my own project that merged reggae, rock, pop, and a little soul for quite some time," he affirms. "The moment Mark began playing, it felt natural. We had this vision, adnd it all tied together instantly. We began recording, and the sound was so locked in on every song. That's even where we derived the band name. Everything simply worked like MAGIC!"

Canadian Music Week 2014


Submitted by Don Graham

Is that time of year again in Toronto. July brings the Beaches International Jazz Festival, September sees the Toronto International Film Festival ( TIFF) and in May it’s time for Canadian Music Week.

History has it that CMW was always in March but it was moved to May this year. It makes it a bit easier for the industry folks around the world to plan their schedule between MIDEM and SXSW.

Every year CMW has a musical superstar that has the WOW factor and attending this year is the legendary Quincy Jones. Jones is an American record producer, conductor, arranger, composer, television producer, film producer, instrumentalist magazine founder, record company executive, humanitarian, and jazz trumpeter. His career spans six decades in the entertainment industry and a record 79 Grammy Award nominations, 27 Grammys, including a Grammy Legend Award in 1991.

Mike Trudell Do Ya Wanna


Submitted by Don Graham
Photo Credits: Paul Kazulak Photography 

Canadian country singer/songwriter Mike Trudell is hitting radio this week, asking the musical question, Do Ya Wanna ?  The new single from the multi talented Trudell, produced by Nashville based fellow Canadian, Gil Grand, has just been released to radio and is being promoted heavily in his home and native land. “I’m really happy with this record and appreciate all the talent involved in making it, from Gil Grand to all the talented musicians who played on it and the encouragement I’m getting . I’m hoping this single will introduce us to a new fan base and connect with my existing fans and supporters.” Do Ya Wanna is the lead single from the new album Trudell has due out in the near future.“I waited a long time to do this record and I’m really pleased with the end result, from the songs to the production right down to the art work.  Can’t wait for you all to hear it and for me to start promoting it.”  This album has been awhile in the planning. After testing the waters earlier on Mike took a step back and  in a great display of wisdom turned away from opportunities thrown his way to organize  a musical career with proper direction and planning. He realized he needed a team around him and a product to sell that he was proud of and could support with live performances.

An American Rock & Road Story (Pt.5)


The fifth part in a series Submitted By Bill King
Author of Bill King’s“In Concert !” Essays, Images and Interviews

Spring and summer 1967 saw young Americans free themselves and travel by any means in caravans across of America in search of liberation; political, social and sexual. It saw the birth of ‘Love’ins,’ the power and influence of emerging musical super groups and a belief change was now in the hands of college-age activists. My account of that year starts with trips north to Hollywood by any means. At first with the Sabori Brothers of Westminster, CA, hitchhiking and walking. Throughout the series music is the backdrop to a summer of innocence, occurrences, mishaps and a final face to face collision with reality; an ending and a new beginning on the streets of New York’s Greenwich Village.

We ended up landing a job in a pizza parlor; Magoo’s and played our brand of psychotic nonsense for three weeks. The freaks and geeks all dropped by. We pocketed $600, enough for food and a place to stay.

The house we inhabit was a vacant building condemned for the wrecking ball. It still had running water but no electricity. It was a crash pad of some sorts, taken over by a group of young people intent on saving it from an encroaching highway.