February 2015

Sly Stone Wins $5 Million In Unpaid Royalties Lawsuit Against Manager, Lawyer

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Story Courtesy of The Huffington Post

A jury has awarded Sly Stone, iconic lead singer of Sly and the Family Stone, $5 million in unpaid royalties concluding a lawsuit that began almost exactly five years ago.
The Guardian reports that Stone (real name Sylvester Stewart) was urged to sign an employment and shareholder agreement with Even St Productions. The singer claimed his manager Gerald Goldstein and attorney Glenn Stone then used the agreement to divert royalties to themselves instead of the musician.
The defendants responded by stating the musician knew the terms of the contract but broke an agreement to record new music.
"It was a classic case of Hollywood accounting, but I guess it would have to be called record industry accounting," the singer's attorney Nick Hornberger said following the decision.
The singer, now 71, has become known for his reclusive and enigmatic behavior in recent years, as well as a longstanding battle with drugs. The New York Post famously reported in 2011 that Stone was homeless and living in a camper van.

Rod McKuen Seasons in the Sun

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Story Courtesy of The Guardian

Rod McKuen moved to Paris, where he struck up a friendship with Jacques Brel. He translated the Belgian’s great song, Ne Me Quitte Pas, which became a hit in 1966 as If You Go Away.

Rod McKuen, who has died aged 81, was, at his peak, a cultural phenomenon whose massive success as a songwriter and singer saw him become America’s most popular poet, dubbed The King of Kitsch by Newsweek magazine.

His books of poetry were found both on middle American coffee tables and in the bedrooms of adolescents, reflecting their combination of dreamy romantic loneliness and uplifting platitudes. It was no coincidence that one of McKuen’s biggest hits was the title song for the animated Peanuts film A Boy Named Charlie Brown, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. A shrewd judge of passing styles and a hardworking promoter of his own work, McKuen produced 30 collections of poems and around 200 recordings of easy-listening music that sold in the millions. But it was his songwriting, covered by artists as varied as Frank Sinatra and Madonna, Dolly Parton and Chet Baker, Johnny Cash and Barbra Streisand, that made his fortune.

McKuen was born in a charity hospital in Oakland, California; his mother had been abandoned by his father. His stepfather beat him regularly and he was sexually abused by relatives, which was even more damaging. “Physical injuries on the outside heal,” he said, “but those scars have never healed and I expect they never will.”

Someone In That Something - Meet Victoria Talent

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Submitted by Shelley L. Buffitt

This past summer I was introduced to a young lady named Victoria Talent via YouTube.  I was beyond impressed with what I heard and saw. Miss Victoria Talent is a young musician. Her instrument of choice? The piano.

After watching her videos, I emailed Victoria to offer words of encouragement. In my role as a mentor to young entrepreneurs, I have learned that the best wisdom we can impart on our youth is validation through the recognition of effort.  Professionally and personally, I believe we should allbe validating our peers and youth, particularly when it comes to the arts.If I hadn’t taken 15 minutes out of my day to hear Victoria on YouTube, I would have lost the opportunity to introduce you to this special young lady.

Victoria’s reply to my initial email was nothing short of mind-boggling. The email was like reading something from a University Professor. All I could think was, “How old is this kid?”  I checked again for her age….yep, she’s 11 years old. Impossible…then again, maybe possible if she has an IQ of 190 and has already obtained her Doctorate in Communications, Literature and Music. Oh yes, and has a degree in Marketing and Public Relations. But she doesn’t. Victoria is just a girl who loves her family, friends, school, learning about computer programming and learning in general, reading Highlights Magazine, tobogganing, anything that involves Disney or Star Wars, drawing cartoons and all things to do with music and creating.

The Day the Music Died – Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Bopper and Bleeker Bob’s - Vinyl is My Bible

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

On February 3, 1959 a small Beechcraft Bonanza airplane took off near Clear Lake, Iowa, with three passengers aboard, Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens.  The crew was just one pilot, who was not qualified to fly in IFR conditions. It never made it to it’s destination of Fargo, North Dakota, and all four people were killed – changing the history of rock ‘n’ roll forever.  Fifty five years later it still gets mentions, press and legend shows featuring these artists, romanticing three icons who left us too early.

One aspect of my job as Editor of Cashbox is to find unique stories that are not necessarily picked up by newswire services or are headlines with other entertainment sources. This week I was doing  just that when I came across the Bleeker Bob story from a few years ago,when this Greenwich Village mainstay closed its doors forever.

WinterFolk Tickets At a Glance

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Submitted to Cashbox Canada

The WinterFolk Festival hits Toronto again next week and as always there are some great acts to catch. Here is a basic line-up of ticketed events you can get to support live entertainment.

Friday Feb 13, 2015 – Doors open at 7:00 – $10 Advance, $15 Door Globe Bistro
Suzie Vinnick, John Brooks, Laura Bird, Meg Tennant, Kelli Trottier,  Clela Errington, Jocelyn Barth 

Friday Feb 13, 2015 – Doors open at 7:00 $15 Advance, $20 Door
Alfie Smith, The Heavy Weights Brass Band, David Essig , Jack DeKeyzer, Gary Kendall, Al Lerman, and more
Black Swan Tavern (2nd Floor) 154 Danforth Ave

LILITH COMES TO WINTERFOLK –  A Celebration of Women in Song
Saturday February 14, 2015 – $15 Advance, $20 Door
Lynn Miles, Linda McRae, Rae Billing,  Shawna Caspi, Lynn Harrison, Soozi Schlanger
Black Swan Tavern (2nd Floor) 154 Danforth Ave 

Saturday February 14, 2015 – Doors open at 7:00 $15 Advance, $20 Door
Laura Fernandez, HOTCHA!, The Trio of Fun (Ken Whiteley, Wendell Ferguson, Tony Quarrington), Swamperella
Black Swan Tavern (2nd Floor) 154 Danforth Ave