November 2015

The Way We Was, The Story of The Kendall Wall Band


Submitted to Cashbox Canada

On December 3rd 2016 there will be a documentary screening of The Kendall Wall Band at the Lakeshore Catholic Performing Arts Centre in Port Colborne, Ontario.

The Way We Was: The Story of the Kendall Wall Band covers the 11 year career of a popular group of Canadian musicians during the 80's and early 90's. It begins at Toronto`s Black Swan Tavern where their Saturday Afternoon Blues Matinee became legendary and follows them as they develop as a band a expand their role as a backing band for many preeminent Canadian and American blues artists The last part of the film documents the remixing, editing, mastering and revitalization of the band's "almost lost" 25 year old studio recordings.

The Way We Was, the film, named after the band`s reissued recordings will be shown in it`s entirety featuring interviews with band members Gary Kendall, Teddy Leonard, Jeff Baker and Richard Smyth with their recording sidemen Martin Alex Aucoin, Larry Bodnar and Duncan McBain.

It will also feature cameo appearances by Canadian blues legends, Donnie ”Mr.Downchild” Walsh, Ken & Chris Whiteley, Harrison Kennedy, Chuck Jackson, Jerome Godboo, Danny Marks, Guitar Mikey and many others.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Maybe – The Broadsway

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...Maybe_.jpg

Submitted by Sandy Graham

The ‘Broads’ are back – and this time it is with bells on – Christmas bells that is. The first CD to get reviewed this year with the holiday season approaching – and as always we thank Jane Harbury for always delivering the best product for review.

‘The Most Wonderful Time …Maybe’ is the second CD from the these talented women, their first release ‘Old Friends’ met with critical acclaim and great reviews. With the help of Danny Greenspoon and John ‘Beetle’ Bailey, Bernie Cisternas and Jono Grant on the recording side (recording live at the Jazz Bistro and in Studio) this is a great offering to get you in the holiday spirit.

Winter Wonderland’ is a jazzy, swing interpretation of this old classic, bringing back a 1940’s feel while keeping it new. The contrast in the girls’ voices really pulls this version together.

Carol of the Bells’ continues the great arrangements of what is usually a somber selection but the clever solo of ‘We Three Kings’(Colleen Allen) and the great piano playing of Diane Leah is refreshing.

Christmas Time is Here’ is more of a modern classic, and is so sweetly delivered, with soothing vocals and beautiful arrangement.

Julie, It’s Cold Outside’ (recorded live) shows the great banter of the girls, bringing the talent and their humour together, adding one liners to the tune turning it into an engaging song.

Ray Charles Confessin' The Blues

Ray Charles.jpg

Submitted by Bill King

When I first heard Ray Charles I knew that was the voice I wanted to inhabit – just borrow for my own. It was far different from the soft tones that surfaced on a.m. radio. This was a voice that carried a teardrop around – a bit of rural soil – you could mix and grow good things in it.

Nearly every band I’d played with the early years had Ray as a starting point. He was everywhere – The Ed Sullivan Show, his own specials, Johnny Carson Show, the neighborhood – a festival coming soon – country radio – pop radio – midnight soul radio.

Few performers have wielded greater influence over generations of aspiring musicians than Ray Charles. In fact, the best way to gauge the impact of a performer may be by counting the number of imitators. In Charles' case, they are too numerous to count. Although he himself had impeccable musical taste, formidable ability to meld genres in new ways, and sang with genuine integrity of feeling, the influence he had on mediocre singers is profound. During the decades of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, you could travel the back roads and blue highways from Louisiana to California, stop in any juke joint or club and hear a Ray Charles wannabe belt out an off-key rendition of “Georgia” or “Unchain My Heart.”

Almost never did these karaoke clones on the Right Reverend Ray succeed musically.

Nevertheless, more than once I have seen approving eyes in the audience and smiles on the face of the singer, especially if they succeeded in mimicking a memorable Charles inflection.

Proudly Canadian: Charity Brown

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Submitted by Cashbox Canada

When Charity Brown was only 15 years old she was already playing to coffee house circuit in Kitchener, Ontario under her real name, Phyllis Boltz.

Always influenced by the earlier days of rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelic singers like Gracie Slick of Jefferson Airplane, Charity sang with local rock bands, Landslide Mushroom and Inner Light, which led her to then joining the band Rain. They were booked regularly at High School dances and local events in Ontario.

Rain scored a Top-10 hit in Canada in 1971 with "Out of My Mind", written by Greg Hambleton and released on Axe Records. She left Rain in 1973 to focus on her solo career. Her Motown-flavoured brand of white soul was produced by Harry Hinde and was strong enough to secure her a contract with A&M Records. It was at this time she changed her stage name to Charity Brown.

Paul Sanderson at Musideum November 25 for Up Close and Personal Event

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Submitted by Cashbox Canada

On Wednesday, November 25 music people will have a unique opportunity like no other if they attend this event at Toronto’s premiere listening venue, Musideum.

If you don’t know Paul who heads up Sanderson Law, here are a few merit points to his legal career.

• Exclusively serving clients in arts and entertainment field for over 30 years
• Consistently names ‘Most Frequently Recommended’ as an entertainment lawyer in the Canadian legal directory “LEXPERT”.
• Listed in the 2011 edition of “The Best Lawyers In Canada” in the practice area of Entertainment Law.
• The leading writer on legal aspects of Canadian music law and visual arts
• Author and editor of “Musicians and the Law in Canada”.
• Co-Author of “Artists’ Contracts: Agreements for Visual and Media Artists”.
• Paul Sanderson has published a new informative handbook for Canada “Music Law Handbook for Canada: 10 Essential Legal Articles (Publisher: Seraphim Editions). It is a first of its kind publication in this field.

The articles cover subjects such as musical copyrights, copyright registrations in Canada, publishing, legal aspects of independent recordings, contract basics, trademarks, information that artists, songwriters, managers should have handy as a compact business resource guide.