March 2016

Ron Chapman – From the Police, B.B. Gabor to the Forbidden Shore of Cuba

Telmary Diaz and Ron Chapman Miami Film Festival.jpg

Submitted by Bill King
Photo: Telmary Diaz and Ron Chapman Miami Film Festival

To know more about who Ron Chapman is and what he’s currently up to – here’s is a bit of bio about the producer/director, musician. Chapman recently appeared as a guest on my CIUT 89.5 interview show, The Bill King Show and we dug back into his history and talked about his passion for film making and affection for Cuba.

Ron Chapman is a lifelong musician, producer, director and entrepreneur. Early in his career he was a musician, managed musical artists, produced albums, and produced and directed rock videos. He owned and operated the legendary, ground-breaking Toronto music club “The Edge”, bringing an eclectic mix of some of the day’s most exciting international acts and artists to the scene. For decades, he has been producing and directing television commercials, working with some of the world’s leading brands.

As a filmmaker, Chapman’s first documentary, “Who the F**K is Arthur Fogel” - CEO of the Global Touring division of Live Nation Entertainment and long time Canadian music promoter – Arthur Fogel – Chapman follows the impresario behind the scenes.

Chapman introduced his latest called, “The Forbidden Shore,” the most in-depth cultural/music documentary ever to come out of Cuba, shot over a 3-year period, with performances from over 60 top Cuban artists and over 80 interviews at the recent Miami Film Festival.

Toby Walker: Mileage

Toby Walker Mileage.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

New Jersey-based Toby Walker started out on the road many moons ago under the moniker Little Toby Walker, a title he’s long outgrown. With this latest release, ‘Mileage’, he again shows just how astonishingly talented he is. Easily one of the finest acoustic guitarists in the blues and roots world, he simply grows stronger with every album.

I’ll confess to being a huge fan of this guy’s wonderful music and have the pleasure of knowing him well. That aside, however, since first discovering him, following a tip-off from a US buddy of mine many, many years ago, I’ve constantly been surprised by the sheer quality of each release and the clear, evident improving fret mastery he displays.

While many pickers seem to reach a plateau and then sit on their butts seldom moving further or exploring musical possibilities, Walker is always exploring, changing, charging ahead; at times he sounds like ole Doc Watson as he cross-picks, fingerpicks and switches effortlessly from Americana, folk with an Irish edge to straight blues. Tracks included here in this seventeen-track disc include his own compositions, ‘See My Grave Is Kept Clean’, Irish reels, Daley’s Reel/Stoney Lonesome and even an exceptional and surprising solo take on Fats Waller’s old classic, ‘Lulu’s Back In Town’ and Muddy’s marvelous ‘She Moves Me.’

Sam Taylor Taylor Made Music

Cashbox Canada Sam Taylor.png

Submitted by Don Graham

Photo Credits: Pat Blythe, A Girl With A Camera "The Picture Taker"

Sam Taylor is an old soul, Sam Taylor is 24 going on 42, a natural born entertainer, born to sing and play, he is the future of the blues in the 21st century. There you go! That’s all the clichés rolled into one. The problem is if there is one thing Sam Taylor isn’t, its cliché. He is a “oner, sets his own pace, plays by his own rules and makes his own kind of music.”

The road that led to where he is now is surprisingly long considering his young age, 24, but he did start out at the tender age of seven years old. He toured Canada singing the songs of none other than Old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra before graduating at nine years old to performing with Orchestra London. In 2003 and 2004 the Saint Thomas, Ontario native entered the Western Fair Rise 2 Fame in London, Ontario, placing second in the first year and first overall the second. Both years he beat out a kid from Stratford, Ontario, a kid named Justin Beiber.

Concerts, Class and a Closing

Tim Tamashiro, Reg Schwager, Don Thompson, Ben Heppner.jpg

Submitted by Pat Blythe
Photo Credits: Pat Blythe, A Girl With A Camera "The Picture Taker"
Photo at right: Tim Tamashiro, Reg Schwager, Don Thompson, Ben Heppner

It's been a rather exceptional week for music....jazz, folk, blues, touch of absolutely stellar week and it puts me right over the top. To say I'm delighted is a gross understatement. So let's begin....

Saturday night found me at the Glenn Gould Studio as the guest of Jane Harbury. The show....well, it was not what I all. What a wonderfully entertaining evening. Full of music, stories and laughter, host Tim Tamashiro and tenor Ben Heppner kept us all in stitches and our ears full of beautiful, toe tapping, finger  snapping music. Sam Taylor, you would have been right at home!

Brothers Brown: Dusty Road

Brothers Brown Dusty Road.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

The Brothers Brown is a hard-rocking, blues four piece led by two Grammy-winning frontmen, both named Paul Brown. Despite the potential for confusion here, the music is loud and clear, begging attention from the first searing note to the last. Make no mistake, this is band that knows how to move and then some.

'Dusty Road' is a debut release from a four-piece band with immediate and evident quality, talent, class and style. There's a shining confidence to the music here and an understanding of just what it takes to make the grade in the hard music business. All tracks are self-penned and the Brothers Brown already have enough material squirreled away for another, follow-up, sophomore release in the future.

With members' roots falling between Nashville and LA for the most part, the range of genres covered here includes straight rock, R&B, through blues, jazz and even hints of Americana. While both Paul Browns have picked up Grammys for their work as producers, guitarists and keyboardists in the past, the rest of the band have also been equally and impressively busy with bassist David Santos working with Billy Joel, Elton John, John Fogerty and others, while drummer Peter Young has toured with Loretta Lynn, The Burrito Brothers and others.