April 2016

Bey Paule Band: Not Going Away

Not Going Away Bey Paule Band.jpg

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

We often hear the cliché “the third time’s the charm”. Well, there is some truth in that remark, and it proves to be so with release number three by The Bey Paule Band, NOT GOIN’ AWAY. This musically, rich creation of twelve Soul and Blues songs, includes ten original expressions and two thoughtfully chosen covers. Most of the members of The Bey Paule Band mingled their talents in the art of co-writing. More so than with the very successful, previous releases YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING, and SOUL FOR YOUR BLUES, the creation of NOT GOIN’ AWAY was a group effort. Frank Bey’s hypnotic vocals, and Anthony Paule’s lofty guitar playing, are energetically supported by, Paul Revelli, drums & percussion; Paul Olguin, bass; Tony Lufrano, keyboards; Nancy Wright, tenor sax; Mike Rinta, trombone; and the one and only new comer Tom Poole, trumpet. The Bay Paule Band’s out-of-this-world horn arrangements are the fierce inspirations of Mike Rinta and Anthony Paule. This is probably a good time to note a small change. The band’s name, it’s shorter, easier to say, and easier to remember. How cool is that? The Frank Bey & Anthony Paule Band, will from this point forward be known as The Bey Paule Band. Black Bottom: Part of what I love about working with Frank is hearing him talk about his very interesting life. It was only a matter of time before the song needed to be written.

Here it is, in all its glory, from childhood to present time as told by the boys.

Tom Rush Living the Dream, No Regrets


Submitted by Don Graham

When I reached Tom Rush by phone the other day to talk about his upcoming show at Toronto’s Hugh’s Room, I started the conversation with “How are you Tom?’ His response, “I’m living the dream.” And what a long incredible dream it’s been since recording his debut album in 1962 and having just released a new one in 2009. He continues to tour to this day. In fact his tour schedule is so filled it’s staggering to look at. But Tom couldn’t be happier.

Tom Rush was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and began performing in 1961 while attending Harvard University where he majored in English literature.He performed regulary at the Club 47 coffee house in Cambridge.

His 1968 composition "No Regrets" has become a virtual standard, with a whole lot of cover versions having been recorded to date. Tom himself did two very different versions. Some other rendititons includeThe Walker Brothers, which gave Tom Rush Top Ten credit as a songwriter on the UK singles chart, Emmylou Harris, who included the song on her 1988 album Bluebird, and Midge Ure whose cover also made the UK Top Ten.