April 2018

Nicky Jam Releases X (Spanish Version) with J Balvin

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Submitted to Cashbox Canada

Nicky Jam, a pioneer of the Urban Latin movement and a globally recognized music icon, is today releasing a special Spanglish version of his hit, featuring Colombian singer, J Balvin.

The original of X already sits as one of 2018’s most lauded and universally adored anthems - boasting over 600m YouTube views, sitting at #1 in 10 countries on Apple Music, at #1 on the Top 100 Global Shazam charts and even reaching #9 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 chart.

It’s also responsible for an international viral campaign named the X Challenge, with millions of people (including celebrities such as Will Smith) getting involved in the trend to reenact the choreographed dance featured in the music video.

Also featured is Colombian musician, J Balvin, who recently collaborated with Liam Payne for Familiar, and joined Beyoncé on stage at Coachella to perform their track, Mi Gente.

Hub Reynolds Jr: Hell I'm Just Me

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Submitted by Addison Coleman

Cool dude! "Hell I'm Just Me".... who the hell is Hub Reynolds Jr.....aside from the country artist who recently released his first hit single? After doing some research I've come to learn that the artist is an inventor of a leather marijuana holder, has lived in a box for 6 years in the parking lots of Walmart and Home Depot, without water or electric, befriended Hell's Angels, was stuck by Lightning, and can write and sing a song with the best of them.

"Hell I'm Just Me" is the first single from this unique soul. The track is an audacious and vibrant, captivating country song, probably a bit autobiographic, definitely catchy, and filled with inspiration. It's fun, it's light hearted, and radio friendly. This guy is going to make it just on spunk alone. The song is accompanied by a video just as magical and filled with energy as the song. His presence is addictive and I have no doubt there are many more songs from this artist that we are about to hear.

Despite the fact this artist was homeless for six years, he uses this as a vehicle to write his story. He's gone from a multi-millionaire in his own construction business, to several failed marriages, to living in a literal box to the height of believe it or not musical country and western journey. This is an artist to watch for, and a download to celebrate.

Check out Hub Reynolds Hit Single “Hell I’m Just Me” on Reverbnation Here:

Cat Thompson Be Mine

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Submitted by Lance Wright

The latest single from Australian born singer/songwriter Cat Thompson, “Be Mine”, finds this talented young artist significantly expanding her reach with a powerful pop single and distinctly American flavour. She’s currently based out of the Los Angeles area as she records a forthcoming EP and the new cut follows up her most recent single “All I Need” in grand style while still giving listeners a sneak peek of what’s waiting for her fans with the upcoming release. Her willingness to work with talented producers like the Los Angeles based Khaled is another reason for her ascending that ladder of success and such collaborations are sure to realize her potential in a much faster way than might otherwise be possible. “Be Mine” poises her to become one of the next marquee pop icons and she exhibits the skills that mark artists of real staying power instead of fly by night performers pandering to a formula and only destined for short-term success.

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Submitted by Lenny Stoute

Long before they were a band, Montreal duo, The Beat Escape, took a small first step towards a long journey at a university video class. "We made a short oddball work; a video piece that followed two characters through a psychedelic waking dream," said Beat escapists, Addy Weitzman and Patrick A Boivin, of their founding collaboration. Many other projects and outside collaborations later, the duo have crafted a debut album their younger selves would be proud of: released through Last Gang/Bella Union on April 27 th, the sublimely immersive Life Is Short the Answer's Long plays like a waking dream of near-psychedelic electronic pop, moving to its own beat in the push-pull of forwarding motion and submerged reflection.

That sense of propulsion ushers opener, Sign of Age, into rising view, its sparse drums, hypnotic sequence and melancholic chords resembling house music as reimagined by Angelo Badalamenti. The enveloping mood holds as Moon in Aquarius unfurls like a night-time road ahead, ghosted by narcotic harmonies. Limestone Alps lingers meditatively, hymnal vocals reverberating; Where Water Ends and More Dreams, meanwhile, navigate the porous boundary-lines between krautrock, Factory Records and obscure minimal wave records of the 80s.

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Submitted by Lenny Stoute
Jonas Bonetta Photo Credit Colin Medley

Over the past few years, Jonas Bonnetta has used the time in between touring and performing as Evening Hymns to record his first full-length ambient album, All This Here. The record began as the score to the documentary film Strange And Familiar: Architecture On Fogo Island which follows the story and construction of the Fogo Island Inn and a series of artist studios on the island designed by architect Todd Saunders. "I was given a bunch of footage from the production company to put music to and was really drawn to that desolate landscape and Saunders' architecture," says Bonnetta, "It still feels like a dream project to me. Getting these images from the filmmakers and being totally free as far as music goes. I'd put the landscape footage on loop and just play with sounds in my studio, trying to match the pace of that place. I wanted the music to float. There was so much water footage in the film and I really wanted to have some connection to that."