April 2018

The Honest Heart Collective Releases Separate Ways

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Submitted to Cashbox Canada

On April 20, 2018, The Honest Heart Collective released their second single, Separate Ways, from their forthcoming sophomore album, Grief Rights. Have a listen to Separate Ways on Apple Music, Spotify and pre-order Grief Rights here.

" These songs capture that everyday fight you have with who you are and who you want to be, " says lead singer, Ryan MacDonald. " A year and a half ago, I was an anxious mess. I started to see a therapist who really made me dig deeper into myself. After a few sessions, he told me that the root of my anxiety was that I wasn't giving my grief rights. It's a period of time when it was okay to not be okay. It was a strange concept to me and not knowing what to do, I dove into books about my idols and revisited some of my favourite Springsteen records. The phrase 'Grief Rights' has stuck with me since that session, and honestly, it changed my life ."

Audiotree North Releases New Video of Lido Pimienta’s Fornicarte es un Arte

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April 18, 2018, Audiotree North, revealed the third live video in their pilot session, featuring 2017 Polaris Music Prize winner, Lido Pimienta. The live performance of Pimienta’s track, Fornicarte es un Arte, was shot at Revolution Recording in Toronto. The song, which translates to “the art of fornicating (with) you or the art of fucking you,” premiered today on Noisey. Watch and share the video here.

"This song is about how polyamory is a dead-end road when people attempting to participate in it aren’t willing to subscribe to the ‘rules and regulations’ of their own arrangements,” says Pimienta. “It’s a song about rejecting ownership of ‘the other’ when the most powerful person in the love triangle or hexagon or whatever expects you to be loyal to them but lose their shit when you act the same way as them. The words ‘You are mine’ can be romantic at times, but it’s also dangerous when the person telling you it believes it... No soy tuya = I don’t belong to you.

Known as “Colombian darling” and “Soundsister”, Lido Pimienta jumps back and forth between electronic beats, analogue synths and Afro-Colombian rhythms, to out-of-this-world chanting. The award-winning songwriter, lyricist, and improv virtuoso join PUP, Begonia, Casper Skulls, Pony, and Magic Giant as Audiotree North’s pilot artists.

Christian Heath “One”

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Submitted by Harry Wells

Christian Heath is a super talented Pop singer/songwriter. His eclectic style is showcased in his new solo EP “One,” which contains six very different and unique pop songs that are really catchy, powerful, and filled with a universal message of love and making the world a better place. The songs are full-bodied and full of energy, mixing disco, folk, rock, singer/songwriter music together to create incredible pop songs sung by a singer who’s soulful vocals draw you into a world that you hope you will never have to leave.

Christian Heath has created a collection of songs that soothes the soul, a joyous blend of up-tempo songs and ballads, with smooth transitions from upbeat club-bangers to tender ballads of love and world improvement for all.

The songs on “One” radiate the concept of hope taking the ideas to another level filled with glorious colour. The EP starts with “I’m Yours” which is an upbeat love song that recreates in my mind an image of Heath performing in a stadium with thousands of lighters being held high while the audience sings along to the chorus. Definitely a stadium anthem with a message that is appealing to all.

David Hopkin Overlook

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Submitted by Alonzo Evans

The full musical flight of David HopkinsOverlook is something to admire. There are numerous peaks and valleys embedded in this collection, alongside powerfully evocative vocals and lyrical content that never calls too much attention to itself and, instead, serves the overall scheme. Hopkins’ Overlook has ten songs with varied texture and, often, a willingness to experiment or utilize nuance that never smacks of self-indulgence. The alternative rock colors Hopkins puts to use over the course of this album are culled, undoubtedly, from his own musical vision but, likewise, takes on colors from his time collaborating with some of the music world’s brightest talents like The Who, his former band LIR, Damien Rice, and Mark Stoermer from the band The Killers, but this album conclusively proves that his own star is capable of burning every bit as bright if not brighter.

The BeeKeepers Songs from the Hive Volume 1

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Submitted by Scott Wigley

The BeeKeepers, based out of Norwich, Connecticut, are an Americana inspired trio and multi-instrumentals with songwriting talent to boot. Many acts of this nature are usually reliant on covers and arch-traditional material. Amanda Sullivan, Phred Mileski, and Sylvie Abate are joined with some outside collaborators who contribute much to their material, but the trio are the undisputed star of the show and their lyrical acumen, rich vocal harmonies, and nuanced songwriting leave listeners feeling like they’ve experienced something rather remarkable. Songs from the Hive Volume 1 doesn’t embrace the same pat Americana formula defining many of the releases we hear in this vein but, instead, mixes acoustic rock, folk, and blues into the stew and reflects their willingness to stretch the style without ever veering too far from their roots. The BeeKeepers’ EP has been out for some time now, but it’s still gaining momentum and exposure thanks to widespread radio play and the trio’s frequent live appearances. After even a single listen, it’s easy to hear why.